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Milk litre - for 80 roubles?

world food crisis is swept up and in Penza: the meal all becomes more expensive. Experts frighten that the prices even if will not rise will not decrease precisely - never.

- In Europe the usual loaf of bread costs one and a half euros. Soon in Russia the same price of bread will be established approximately, - admitted to clubmen of regional journalism in which number there were also representatives of the Penza region, the Main adviser of the International centre of investments into the foodstuffs at Evgenie`s SEROVA United Nations.
As she said, by the end of 2008 the street price of litre of milk in Russia will reach 80 roubles. Really it is necessary to spread on 135 roubles a day only for bread with milk?!

Behind explanations we were converted into the government of the Penza region.

- the Similar forecast I estimate negatively, - Nina the RICH MAN has responded the head of department of the consumer market and sphere of services of the Penza region. - I think that in the Penza region such situation will not be. In - the first, price of bread at us keeps long time. In - the second, the new crop of bread is expected. In - the third, manufacturers of dairy products say that the milk rise in price too will not be. Besides, though the government also does not have today agreement with network shops, but we regularly carry out their monitoring and we advise, that surcharges on socially significant products were no more than 5 %. So it is possible to tell confidently that the next quarters rise in prices for bread and milk in the Penza region it is not expected.