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Penzenets has presented a beloved a star in the sky

I will get for you a star from the sky! - as it is frequent to hundreds, to thousand, millions women it is necessary to hear these pathetic words. And more it would be desirable more, that darling when - nibud has carried out perfect, but, alas, unrealizable dream. In our century of fantastic discoveries hardly who will have enough forces and boldness to make a gift to the beloved in the form of fiery tons of a star weighing billions. Then there is only one - obrechenno to sigh and cease to believe in fairy tales. However for Ekaterina Mochalinoj the fairy tale unexpectedly became a reality. And there was it in its birthday.

Katya with natural curiosity always madly liked to find out that it will present on a feast. The sensation of a surprise did not vanish, but the mood rose in hundreds times. Some days before a feast Katya has decided to learn that to it its young man Lesha will present. And he, by the way, not so likes to give out secrets, therefore Ekaterina hoped in advance for a failure. But this time he why - that has blabbed out.

- I will present to you such big gift that it is not simple at a door will not climb through, but also in apartment will not be located! - Alexey has enthusiastically declared.

First of all thoughts on refrigerator purchase have got into a head. what for such non-standard refrigerator is necessary to me? - obrechenno Katya thought.

And here that day has come. Alexey has presented to Katya a bouquet favourite gerber and has mysteriously smiled. Ekaterina has puzzly looked round: any refrigerator, a huge case or a grand piano and in pomine was not. Lesha, being confused, has stretched it some frames into which usually insert photos. Katya has read an inscription and was stupefied - to it have presented the real star! In one of frameworks the certificate (already with 15 - ju protection degrees has been sealed up!) In which it has been in black and white told that it is the owner of the star brought in the space catalogue. In another - co-ordinates of star Smarty. In the third the arrangement of mia maid of didymuses - Ekaterina`s zodiac sign - in the sky is specified.

is there was not a shock, it was hypershock! - Ekaterina speaks. - now for me a phrase I to you from the sky will present a star! has really found sense.

However girlfriends have concerned a similar gift sceptically:
- Yes we to you in a photoshop same will draw!

But Katya considers that it was simply banal envy. They do not have star, and at it is!
by the way, the star name has been chosen not casually. Smarti - Katin nik in the Network where they, actually, also have got acquainted with Alexey. The majority of cases of acquaintance on the Internet comes to an end with usual disappointment, but here all has occurred differently.

- We understand each other from a half-word. Even without words, - Katya tells. - after work we go to favourite small restaurant more often, at cinema or simply to take a walk on a vesper city, as on the first appointment. We give each other gifts. I look forward each feast - suddenly favourite will present still something unusual.