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Films of the Moscow international film festival with Stasom Tyrkinym

Standard procedure

the Director - Errol Morris


the Documentary film awarded by Gran - at last Berlin festival, is under construction on demonstration of photos of tortures and humiliations of the Iraq prisoners in prison Abu Graib and interview to those who actually tortured and humiliated. Impression of this documentary blockbuster comparable that black masterpieces of level " leave after viewing; Fat, or 120 days of a Sodom Pazolini. It is meditation on a subject of the harm nesting at the bottom of any human soul and searching occasion to break loose.

on June, 26th, October a hall 5, 19. 30  

All will die, and I will remain

the Director - Valery Guy Germanika

In roles: Polina Filonenko, Agnija Kuznetsova, Olga Shuvalov


the Film 23 - the summer director, awarded a special mention in Cannes, - at all a seamy side as can seem to fans of film fairy tales about the computer white bull-calfe. This product of the critical realism which author does not threaten with a finger to the heroes as - one of them. In a picture there is something reminding a happy end: the lost virginity beaten in blood eks - the girl sends on three cheerful letters of the of the father and mother. Disrespectful Germanika the film symbolically sends where far away the previous generation of the Russian cinematographers, with ease unusual overtaking them already on start.

on June, 26th, October a hall 6, 19. 45  

Banzaj, the director!

the Director - Takesi Kitano

In roles: Takeci Kitano, Toru Emori, Kaeko Kisimoto


the New picture of Kitano - a call not only to a respectable society, but also to itself. To praise the well-known Japanese now like it is resolute no trouble - a plot of this deliberately incoherent film he has tried to make own creative crisis. Till now it was possible only to Fellini, to which Kitano all - taki is far.

on June, 26th, October a hall 4, 21. 30

Kumbija us has connected

the Director - Ren U.Villareal

In roles: Fernando Castaneda, Olivier Lozano


Dialogues in this minimalist love triangle practically are absent. All simple emotions and feelings of characters express for them continuously sounding for a shot vigorous, though both the same Latin American melodies and tunes in style kumbija. Their unpretentious rhythmics as well as possible approaches as a soundtrack for numerous scenes in which heroes couple - for latinosov rather neizobretatelno and monotonously.

on June, 26th, October a hall 2, 21. 15


***** - it is ingenious!
**** - it is very healthy
*** - anything itself
** - badly
* - horror inhuman