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At fate - festival in Rostov fans peredavili each other

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Calls for help began to be distributed in the heat of festival the Old miller which passed   on Saturday in territory Vertol - the Expo . While on a scene sang an aria   security guards rescued choking people from drunk crowd literally.

-   And all has begun that   those who stood on back rows, began to break forward to be closer to substitutes, - the participant of festival Julia tells. - from a pressure investigators being ahead were stuck all over into obstacles literally.

to the Girl it became bad.

the real crush Has begun, in which girls from shortage of air and a pain have started to faint. And on my eyes security guards   have pulled out the young man from crowd without trousers, it is visible, casual rastegnulis and when began to pull it - trousers have slipped. It was the present nightmare! I hardly managed to get out therefrom.

Actually the beer festival reflected as possibility to listen to favourite groups and to communicate to friends. In practice at first teenagers have drunk (that it is no wonder - a pass condition on festival were three lids from beer), then began to be fan, yes so that another it became bad. According to official figures, during festival behind medical aid ten persons were converted, the majority had a search with the alcohol, one was hospitalised with a serious bruise   heads. It is still fine. After the festival was closed, the tipsy people have dispersed on court yard of the next houses. Later inhabitants called in edition and complained of violent youth.

- Such complaints were received also by us. As the militiaman I will tell that for us   similar actions already become problem, - the chief tells a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on RO Alexey HALF-JANSKY. - it has initially been declared that in festival will take part an order of three thousand persons, but has come 15 thousand. It is too big search.

fanatku security guards take out One more on hands literally.

It was necessary to collect urgently additional forces for protection maintenance because the tipsy youth frequently becomes uncontrollable. The militia has received many censures from tenants on noise and behaviour of teenagers which after festival have continued guljanie. And as the father I want to add - I categorically protivo so mass actions with alcohol intake.

it is valid, after scale pjanki fans at the age from 12 till 18 years, words about struggle against teenage alcoholism seem strange.... No, we not against festival, but within the limits of reasonable, such that the city did not shudder from too cheerful youth.

By the way,   it was possible to phone to organizers. Us have assured that actually drunk was not, and deboshirit in court yard of the next houses the youth became not after festival, and after a match Russia - Holland which has taken place this very day.


Yury BYKADOROV, and. An island of the chief of organizational department of committee on the youth policy of Administration of the Rostov region:

- the committee Position is unequivocal: we categorically do not accept both mass, and individual alkootdyh. Recently have spent spot-check on popular objects of rest of youth - practically everywhere an easy approach to alcohol. Therefore we have prepared the project of the reference with the request to limit alcohol sale in public places.

Julia`s LOBAHINOJ Photo.