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Perm - the most criminal city of Russia

Magazine Russian Newsweek together with the Krasnoyarsk analytical centre Region have made a rating of the most criminal cities of Russia. If to believe researches, the statement Rostov - the father and gangster Petersburg - a myth which does not have something in common with the criminal validity of the country! In Russia absolutely others hero towns and at everyone the specialisation .

  In black the list two cities of the Perm edge

the First line in a rating of criminal cities are occupied with Surgut, it followed by Tyumen and Perm. That is interesting, Moscow and St.-Petersburg were not included even into first hundred! The magazine has given them 111 - e and 122 - e places accordingly. In first ten Syktyvkar, Berezniki, Khabarovsk, Chita, Yakutsk, Irkutsk and Abakan also appear. Criminality of cities was defined on total of the registered crimes per capita. So, in Surgut in a year 493 crimes on 10 thousand population are made on the average. For comparison, in Moscow this indicator equals 198! The Greatest quantity of murders, and also rapes and the crimes connected with causing of heavy harm to health, occurs in Kyzyl, a republic Tuva administrative centre. The leader on robberies, robberies and thefts - Perm. By the way, capital of the Perm edge - the absolute champion in the general offset on level of crimes.    

to the statistican spoil zones

the Strong hold of criminal traditions and affinity of zones today a headache for the Perm militiamen. If to look at the edge map, all north - one continuous prison. Already 49 zones Here are is more than no matter where, marks Russian Newsweek . Here wind term approximately 40   000 denounced from which seven are annually released - eight thousand. On idea, further these prisoners should part on houses. But! The transport network of edge is constructed in such a manner that it is possible to leave from here only on the Trans-Siberian Railway, or Perm where to be the main railway junction. Thus, our city turns out original the store the former convicts.    

  the Majority of crimes is made by addicts

  As law enforcement officers speak, they do weather in edge, instead of the organised crime. Today in region only five groupings, from them one in Perm. Moreover, it is not actively operating gang, and only group of people with the criminal past which try to be legalised, develop business and to pass in the power.      

As to addicts - masters on robberies, robberies and larceny, - that five more - them was six years ago much less. Today in the edge Municipal Department of Internal Affairs reflect on creation of the department specialising on this category of persons.    

One more suppliers of problems - recidivists and small street criminality. For example, not so long ago in a city have caught acid the maniac. The man has plundered 18 women, threatening them with a needle from a syringe ostensibly infected with AIDS or a vial with acid - a transparent liquid.

By the way, on character of crimes in Perm on the first place - the thefts, the second - robberies, the third - robbery.

- the policeman against street robberies

the Balloon with a videocamera - last Israeli working out - the city has got the Balloon and the robot two years ago. Now this miracle of technics hangs in the sky and together with militia protects rest of citizens. And capacity of the chamber of a balloon allows to be focused even on a watch of passers-by!

By the way, with its help have caught the criminals trading in larceny of expensive aerials from roofs. And stationary chambers have destroyed an alibi of the guy suspected of murder of the bride. Giving thanks to it to a consequence has defined that for half an hour to death the girl was in a society of the boy friend though that asserted that was not in a city, and even has given witnesses.

Most of all in edge owners mobile suffer affliction - thefts of cellular telephones are on the first place on number. For preventive maintenance of theft cellular the Perm authorities together with regional mobile operators now introduce a following innovation: stolen phone will not work, even if into it have inserted new this - a map. In parallel for the stolen goods sellers beushnyh phones will respond.

it Will help decrease in criminality or not - will show time. For now Perm - capital of prison edge - and practically the most dangerous city in Russia.

we addressed This question to readers of a site: Magazine Russian Newsweek has published a rating of the most criminal cities of Russia. It has appeared, Perm closes a three of leaders. The whole army of militiamen as fights, cannot make anything. Prompt, how to us to lower criminality?

Here that they have advised:

Sergey. With:

Yes it is very simple! How in China with criminality have consulted? Has stolen - have chopped off a hand. The second time - a head. And with our humane laws it will be fast the mere mortal on street not to leave!


to Enter the death penalty. And to clean all zones from our corner of the world. To Moscow Region.

the Teacher, Svetlana Aleksandrovna:

Our children should be nurtured so that to break line was for them below worthiness. In a society where people respect themselves, the criminality will run low.

Katya, Perm:

to Liquidate shaggy hands of employees of the law and order!!! We will begin with them, and the others will be tightened!


to Revive a family it is necessary! All begins with it. If there steal, swear, fight, lie and do not respect strashih then no speech can be about respect for other people! After all we as arrive, when we offend others?! Simply we choose the weakest and defenceless and we attack! And not very well old man it, the child or the woman... We on their background seem strong and powerful, here only, alas, not as Gods!


I Suggest all zones to transport to the Far North... vabshche... Where - nibud in a permafrost! That normal people with them not kontachili, and still it would be possible to do spetsuchrezhdenija where the former prisoners would work only...


And me it seems that nothing to make! It is defect of our time!


It is necessary to nurture simply our children, instead of to produce them as doe-rabbits, and then to throw out on street! They should know that are favourite!


I suggest to close all game machines and a casino!


Such banality... Be engaged in education of youth and children, well whence by it of cultural behaviour - that to be typed. Street muggers and cattle. Descended on a City Day - were in shock from structure of this crowd of the people. 99 % ljumpen - proletariat. Can at us there is any law in Perm, what power - such and the people. Criminal, uneducated, wild and lazy...

Sergey, Perm:

Ha, than we are worse than Russian national team on football... Already on 1 place according to 2008. The answer is simple, yes has not simply put:

1. To disband army and to type a regiment of professionals, to add still money and to toughen demand;
2. To raise a standard of living of normal people. Dependence inversely proportional: the more, the it is less;
3. To pass normal laws which will work on item 1 and item 2;
4. Software. 1 - 3 will get rid of corruption, it is not becomes favourable since to take.
5. The Rest ball should to have a rest in prison under item 1 protection. (But it is worthy).

But there is one small BUT: all it is possible if process will be rulit normal people. The generation, and even 2 while mentality will be replaced should be replaced: The grandfather was the proletarian, the son the gangster, the grandson - the semilegal businessman who has enclosed stolen father, and here the great-grandson - already pure legislative businessman. More shortly as early as years 50 at least.

Cyril, Perm:

to Disperse the power which merges in uniform system with criminality, what?