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The most mysterious illnesses

Illness a creeping skin . Scientists have faced this illness more recently. Its symptoms remind shots from fantastic films more. Sufferers feel that at them under a skin as though insects creep. Later in these parts there are open wounds.

Bolezn Krejttsfelda - Jacob (a spastic pseudo-sclerosis). Or the cow furiousness . To catch it it is possible, having eaten   meat of a sick animal. All cases of disease the cow furiousness at people till now came to an end with death.  

the Schizophrenia. The side between a reality and imagination is lost. At a schizophrenia set of symptoms among which allocate hallucinations, a rambling speech and manias. To distinguish this illness at its early stages yet it is not possible.

Allotrifagija. Or a perverted appetite. At some people arises physical (or mental) the requirement is, for example, a chalk, coal, a paper or the earth. The possible reason - shortage in an organism of minerals. And can, and is not present.

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