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the Meeting with the girlfriend has occurred as in a fairy tale!

Ljubov Poljakova, Tatyana Brynkina and Larissa Filimonova - faithful companions. They have finished faculty of foreign languages of the Rostov teacher`s college exactly 30 years ago.

Life has scattered them on areas, and any time they have ceased to communicate. But desire to be together all - taki spodviglo Love Poljakovu to begin searches of girlfriends which have crowned by success. And with it to it has helped all it readers have learnt from the letter of Ljubovi Nikolaevny (the weekly journal for April, 24th see - on May, 1st, 2008), on following put after which publication in edition its girlfriend Larissa Aleksandrovna has called.

- At once some persons have called me and have told that in I am am searched by the girlfriend. Certainly, I want to meet it, to remember our friendship, to tell about the lived years.

the Meeting has taken place on June, 21st in park Bitter. Girlfriends have come elegant and cheerful. They proobshchalis also have learnt some hours about each other a lot of the interesting.

- With Tatyana Nikolaevnoj we have renewed dialogue only four years ago, - has told Ljubov Nikolaevna right after meetings, - Always knew that she lives in Novocherkassk, but from - for changes of a surname to me it was problematic to find. But mysterious are the ways of the Lord, and we by a lucky chance all - taki have met. Began to communicate regularly.

Other history with Larissa Aleksandrovnoj. Represent, it was as in a fairy tale. The next day after the publication in a heading Wait for me my letter I am called in the morning by the girlfriend whom I searched.

And at me a lesson in 8 - m a class. I speak with it by phone, and children sit, having opened mouths, and I explain to them: you are present on the program Wait for me where people find each other . Certainly, at a meeting Larissa has told to us about the successes and achievements, than has pleasantly surprised. It always was the purposeful person, it and remained till now.

Now Larissa Aleksandrovna the senior lecturer, teaches foreign languages at military institute, publishes textbooks, grants. Despite it, has had time to grow up two sons and to remain thus charming and modest.

they with Tatyana Nikolaevnoj had many general subjects as both of them teach foreign languages in high schools. And I am a school teacher, taught in three educational institutions as moved for the husband at its each new purpose. Have not bypassed us a problem and loss.

But as a whole - in a shower we remained the same girls, which else students became faithful companions. Thanks - my favourite newspaper - that she has helped us to remember it!


*** Nikolay Nikolaevich Patriteev from the Azov area searches for friend Alexander Aleksandrovicha Shapovalova 1972 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region.

we Have left in 1992. Before lived and worked together with Alexander in Kirghizia.

I a family have moved to the Rostov region and since then from here did not leave.

And Sasha has got over, on hearings, to the Oryol region.

I personally did not communicate with it, I do not know, truth it or only conjectures.

I wrote to it repeatedly, but the answer have not received.

Recently to me there was a misfortune - I became the invalid of the first group.

And right now very important dialogue with close is no time me the friend. Help to find it, please!

*** Rostovchanka Alla Stepanovna Miokova (SHarganova) searches for graduates of 1958. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region.

this year half a century from the date of the termination of Tselinsky high school by me 1 is executed exactly. I had a huge desire - to collect all schoolmates and together to note this bright event in life of each of us. Very much I ask to respond vsh to whom the destiny of native school is not indifferent and there is a desire to communicate to the former schoolmates. I now live in Rostov and with impatience I will wait for your calls .

*** Pelageja Ivanovna Nebykova from the Oryol area searches for son Peter Mihajlovicha Nebykova     1967 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Oryol area.

about one year my son Peter back was gone.

We lived together in farm Bystrjansky. But in June of the past the son has decided to leave on earnings approximately in 40 kilometres from the house.

It intended to be arranged to work with the watchman.

But has not passed also four days as familiar steels to say that Peter was gone.

Anybody it any more did not see. It has not an effect and to the present day.

I and consequently very much you ask mother - help me to find the son.

Suddenly it is learnt by somebody on a photo and will inform you on a site. Probably, Peter has got to a misfortune and the help is necessary for it. In advance, thanks!

*** Lyudmila Irovna Avinova from October area searches for sister Galina Irovnu Pak 1949 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region.

At me communication with the sister was gone. Earlier she lived in Kirghizia, in Bishkek. Then, possibly, began to move, and its trace has got lost. She does not respond to my letters and calls. I can not communicate also and to brother Athanasius. Probably, he knows where to find Galina. Very much it would be desirable to adjust communication with close people. In difficult situations it is necessary, that native were a number!


We have lived in separation of 20 years

Vladimir Timofeevich Alekhin from Rodionovo - Nesvetajsky area has told in the letter that dreams to meet many years the woman with whom at the time of its youth connected romantic relations. And he is assured that will help it with it.

At the time of a youth I had a girlfriend from whom we planned on the future. The destiny has disposed with us very cruelly. Call its Valentine Pavlovna Yudin. She was born in 1941. We saw last time in 1988 in its apartment and communicated all hour. She lived then in Pushkin street, in Rostov.

it is possible, she has married since then, has changed the address and a surname, therefore and it is difficult to me to find it now. I live in 80 kilometres from Rostov. I the pensioner already, and Valentina too. But our meeting from a youth will be pleasant to both of us, as though we have lived 20 years all these in separation.

very much I ask you to help me with search of the person close to me. It would be desirable to meet it and to resurrect pleasant memoirs. Thankful in advance to you, with feeling of deep gratitude,
V.Alekhin .

*** Dear readers!

If you know something about these people, call by phone of edition (863 291 - 06 - 00, write:

dolly@kprostov. ru

or 344000, Rostov-on-Don, and/ I 575.

the Leader of a heading Yana DAVIDJAN.