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In Primorski Krai the summer resident zagryzla a dog

state of emergency happens   on June, 25th   along toward evening. In small settlement the Nightingale - the Key the summer resident was attacked by a huge dog. The Shar-Pei has rushed on it in the face of crowd. But why the dog has led suddenly so aggressively, nobody can explain.

- the Dog was furious, it has seized the woman, it even drags from it could not! - a shivering voice the eyewitness of incident has told by phone. - it has bitten through to it both hands, bit the person. A nightmare simply! When a dog have dragged, the woman lay absolutely white, hardly breathed.

But, unfortunately, shocked eyewitnesses of incident not only an attack of a dog. One of acquaintances of the woman there and then has begun to dial number of the fast. The answer of the person on duty has shaken to depth of soul:

- We will not arrive, carry suffered in hospital.

- Any explanations they have not given. But there and then we have by own strength organised transportation - on a minibus have brought the woman to the nearest hospital.

the Dog it was not possible to catch. The dog has hidden in settlement. Now in the Nightingale - the Key police officers go, they are going to shoot down a Shar-Pei.

watches succession of events.