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Tutors of a kindergarten will judge

  In the end of March all Smolensk discussed excesses of tutors of a kindergarten 26 the Pearl . Parents were converted into mass-media and Office of Public Prosecutor with the statement that at their children scoff cruelly and brutally.

- to it connected hands an adhesive tape during a quiet time, and the mouth stuck with an adhesive tape, - mum of one of kids told Evgenie. - the teacher glued an adhesive tape, and the nurse held them that did not escape. When children came with red traces round a mouth, we at first simply thought that it or an allergy, or simply lips were weather-beaten.

However, sticking up of a mouth by an adhesive tape - not unique torture which was put into practice by tutors of this kindergarten.

- Them forced to eat soup from plates as cats and doggies without tableware, - tells Evgenie. - did not start up in a toilet, because there already all were washed up by the nurse . All it lasted do not put and not two, - parents tell.

Soon public prosecutor`s check has come to a kindergarten.

- As a result of its carrying out by area Office of Public Prosecutor it is valid established facts of application of unlawful methods of education concerning children of the senior group and cruel treatment of them, admitted by tutors, - the press - release appears in official.

After official inspection has got not only the manager of establishment - to it directs caution about a non-admission further infringements of the rights of pupils. Has got also to the mayor of Smolensk. To Vladislav Haletsky representation about elimination of infringements of the legislation on education and about health protection of minors is brought.

- Currently, - the senior assistant to the prosecutor of the region on interaction with mass media and the public speaks, the senior adviser of justice Yury Abolin, - representation is already considered, and the infringements noted in it are satisfied.

From - for this scandal city officials have suffered also. The chief and the chief specialist of department of inspection of educational institutions of a city of Smolensk are involved in a disciplinary responsibility with the formulation For easing of control over activity of subordinates .

And the persons guilty of cruel treatment of children, it is more in a kindergarten do not work. Them have dismissed. Also it is possible to hope that with such recommendation their any preschool centre on service to itself does not take. But it not the most strict for them punishment.

Already to the former tutors of a kindergarten not to avoid vessels. Bodies of inquiry Industrial ROVD Smolensk criminal case concerning two employees who as obliges should care of children is brought, instead of stick with it mouths. By it it is made default of duties on education of minors and it already item 156 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. So a point in this sensational case to put while early.