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The child in Bashkiria has caught entsefalitom

Summer in the heat, and pincers are still dangerous. For today with stings of pincers 9048 persons were converted is approximately on third more than last year. Experts explain activity of dangerous insects in the early spring.

the case of infection first in this year kleshchevym entsefalitom is registered in Askinsky area. The infection was picked up by the child. Fortunately, disease izlechimo. The kid is under supervision of physicians, and they assert that with it all will be as it should be.

- that not to pick up the tick, leaving on the nature, use means for protection against insects, - the deputy chief of department of epidemiological supervision of Rospotrebnadzora on RB Zuhra SHAGIEVA advises. - Also try to put on so that the clothes closed all body.

and if the tick has stuck - be converted into fracture clinic, there it will pull out. Or try to make it - smear with its sunflower-seed oil or sbryznite a hairspray. The tick necessarily should remain whole. Having pulled out the blood-sucker bear it is dead or live - on the analysis in the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii on Shafieva, 7. Reception goes without days off from 9 o`clock till 16 o`clock. Research costs 220 roubles.