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The burnout in Moscow

In Moscow was burnt down by fur factory

the Cause of the fire - self-ignition of means for bleaching of skins
The day before yesterday in the evening in Moscow in factory territory Russian furs (street Dokukina, 10) there was a burnout. The fire area has made 400 2.

the First message on a fire at factory has arrived in 17. 59. The one-storeyed building of shop in which processing of a skin by chemical reactants is made has lighted up and is located krasilnyj a site. In some minutes the first fire-fighting crews have arrived to burning shop. Its roof inflamed with tremendous speed, roofing material and a roof heater allocated a caustic suffocating smoke.
fire steels to fill in a roof with water from fire engines. But it did not help. To reach the fire centre, firemen had to climb on ladders. Fire managed to be extinguished only to ten o`clock in the evening.
investigation of the reasons of the happened is now made. Under the preliminary version, self-ignition of hydrosulphite of sodium which is used for bleaching of skins was a cause of the fire.
the equipment of factory and stocks of leather preparations has strongly suffered from fire. A damage put to Russian furs it is specified.