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Krupp and Thyssen

the Impudent hussar at the head of Krupp

Gerhard Kromme`s Present impact on Thyssen quite corresponds it hussar to image. The turn and concern Krupp personnel (DM24 mlrd and 69600 persons) is much less, than at Thyssen (accordingly DM39 mlrd and 122660). Nevertheless Kromme has achieved the consent of the largest banks of Germany to allocate to it on the repayment of actions Thyssen credits to DM13 billion Impudent piracy and even imperialistic the project of Kromme has caused in Germany indignation squall - first of all from - for inevitable large reductions of workplaces. All analysts consider it as the beginning of cardinal reform of all industrial market of Germany on the sample of the USA. It is not excluded that chiefs Krupp and leading bankers of Germany have meaningly provoked deafening scandal and mass manifestations of protest. The Ruhr area of Germany became too close for present quantity of machine-building and steel competitors. Krupp and Thyssen are compelled to go for an alliance, differently they will not sustain the international struggle. So impudent the offer about capture all concern Thyssen after week negotiations has turned to the mutually acceptable project of merge (meanwhile) only steel divisions. And 60 % of actions of the new joint venture will belong Thyssen which operates more profitable and has more modern technologies. Most likely it is only temporary compromise which gradual merge and other sectors of both concerns will follow. The third on size steel concern of Germany Preussag became the following candidate on absorption. The initiative most likely will proceed again from Krupp. So aged Bejttsa has bases to be proud of the relief.