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If tomorrow the court

to address in court, is required to Tchernomyrdin the French lawyer

Kohl soon respondent who can become the publisher of newspaper Le Monde, is in France and to address to it with the claim it is possible only in the French court. Such courts in France are called courts of the big claims . The Russian citizens in France can address in courts as freely, as well as Frenchmen. Any special restrictions for them it is not established.
However, in France there is a lawyer monopoly, and anybody is simple so cannot address in court without the certainly French, the lawyer. Considering high enough level of financial inquiries of the French lawyers, many prefer not to start at all judicial suit which does not have certain prospects. After all besides costs expenses of the respondent can be assigned to the lawyer and state duty payments on the claimant on participation in litigation.
at a reference to the court foreigners do not need to bring judicial pledge, but it is necessary (as, however, and to Frenchmen) to pay big enough duty - an order 15 - 20 % from the sum of requirements. Under the French legislation, for compensation of the moral harm caused by doubtful publications, it is even not necessary to prove that the information had discrediting character. It is enough to court to establish discrepancy of its validity only. Then the publisher will bear responsibility for a defamation.
the size of indemnification of mental cruelty, also as well as in Russia, is defined by judges independently, here again is far not last role plays social and official position of the claimant.