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World championship elimination matches

can be held up Russian national team as an example to all Europe

On its errors is to whom to study
Today in Europe 12 matches of a qualifying tournament of the World championship on football will take place. Though Russian national team does not play, many of these matches have for it considerable value.

the Russian national team drawn game in a match with Cyprus has made rather real such deal at which we take in group only the second place. If Bulgarians win on the home field against Cyprus, Luxembourg and Israel Russia, to be the first, it is necessary not only to win Israel with Luxembourg, but also to type 4 points in two meetings with Bulgaria, and it is not so simple.
we Will remind once again that in a final part of the World championship in France from Europe directly there are winners of groups, and also one of the commands which have taken the second places, - that, at which best indicators (points, a difference of balls) in games with the commands which have entered in its group in the first four. In case Russia will take the second place, it can get on the World championship even without additional matches, but for this purpose it is necessary, that competitors from other groups have lost more points.
is more exact, it is necessary, that commands which following the results of a qualifying tournament will take the second places, have lost in matches with the first four not less than 7 points (i.e. at least one game was lost also by two have reduced in a draw) - at least Russia if there will be the second so much will lose. Already now, though before the termination of a selection cycle remains over seven months, it is possible to assume that a number of commands from other groups really applying for the second place, will lose more.
- Daily Results the list of matches which will take place today, and specifies the most desirable for Russian national team their result. The outcome of a match Bulgaria - Cyprus is especially important for our national team: if Bulgarians cannot win, Russia will return itself in the lead positions in group. However such result is doubtful: in - the first, Cyprus usually very badly acts on departure, and in - the second, Bulgarians will necessarily consider errors of the Russian national team and will well be adjusted on a duel.
in group where Russian national team acts, one more match on March, 31st has taken place - Luxembourg has on the home field lost to Israel 0:3 (Zohar, 11 - I and 80 - I minute; Banin, 56). Thus, Israel has joined in struggle for permits on the World championship, however hardly it will sustain it - he still should play with Russia and Bulgaria departure.
at last, on Monday Malta has suffered already the sixth defeat in a qualifying tournament - on the home field it has conceded to Slovakia 0:2. Balls have hammered in Janukula (39) and Tittel (90).