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Be protected the car

On all country the wave " has swept; Accidents “ - David Kronenberga`s already announced scandalous film opus. Film demonstration in the Russian hire is especially significant that it nju - jorkskaja the premiere has taken place only in past uik - end.

Baptism of fire “ Accident “ (Crush) has received in May of last year at the Cannes festival. A hall that ohal nervously giggled. Journalists in the dark feverishly soiled notebooks, counting up quantity of dead persons and sexual intercourses on unit of screen time.
and that and another in a film indeed suffices. In the first shot the wife of the protagonist makes love to the aviainstructor in a plane hangar. In the last - makes the same with the husband, having rolled out in a subconscious state from the broken car. The dumbfounded Cannes jury has not found the suitable formulation among the planned festival awards, and has founded to the director spetspriz “ for art boldness “.
Filmy Kronenberga shocked and before. Were “ independent “ from Canada, removing uzkoplenochnye tapes in college and the carried out first commercial project in Europe, has got to number of the most perspective a horror - makers of second half 70 - h thanks to irrepressible experiments with a human flesh.
concept “ mutations “ only entered into the dictionary of culture of the end of a millenium, and in it “ the Shiver “ (1974) unknown viruses already took root into bodies and caused in the victims a sexual fever. In “ Mad “ (1977) porno - the star Merilin Chambers played the beaten motorcyclist, as a result of plastic operation scented taste to human blood. In “ videodrome “ (1982) people gradually turned to videorecorders, and in “ to the Fly “ (1986) - a remake of an old picture of Kurta Newman - make-up artists have fairly earned the “ Oscar “ having made of handsome man Jeff Goldbluma a shaggy monster.
both spectators and critics sometimes screwed up the face from ideosinkrazicheskih masterpieces of the director. However invariably recognised behind it a certain place in a postmodernist landscape where the aesthetics of disgust not only does not contradict author`s intention, but frequently and defines it.
Kronenberg has laid out the bargaining chip, having picturized in 1991 “ the Naked breakfast “ - bit - to William Burrows`s classic in whom typewriters crept as cockroaches any more under genre laws, and at will of the writer - psihodelista, murmured through long-term narcotic delirium a creativity metaphor. There was Afterwards a film version of the play of David Juan “ M.Batterfljaj “. Undertaken a love story between the French diplomat and the Asian spy, Kronenberg in general has refused from habitual a horror - an arsenal. But has shown passion as the higher form of a mutation at which the body and even a floor any more have no value.
it would be strange, if the director has ignored the novel of Englishman James Graham Ballarda “ Accident “.
the Book left in 1973. According to the author, she was born from experience of the modern autodriving continually provoking temptation of sex, reprisals and the power. Driver`s supervision of Ballarda have poured out in gloomy phantasmagoria about those who, once having visited road accident, any more in forces to get rid of a temptation the hi-tech  destruction releasing last of energy and entering a victim in a delightful circle “ stars - cars - scars “ (expression belongs to the writer and on - russki is translated “ stars - cars - scars “) .
Kniga Ballarda became cult at once after the publication. It named the first apologia of postindustrial death, Bodrijar referred to it and punks respected.
Kronenberg has reproduced the literary text shokirujushche literally. All film heroes hazardously rush by cars and in cars copulate, as if having found in crushed bodies and pognutyh bumpers huge biostimulators. The special spirit is reached, if as the partner somebody acts with the expressed physical mutilation, and still bolshy - if it is possible to dramatize deadly failure with participation of the well-known person. For example, James Dina who has broken “ porshe “ on the way to an auto racing. Or Jane Mejnsfild who have not mastered management on a way to television studio. President Kennedy whom the bullet has overtaken too in the car at the worst suits.
mutants at Kronenberga have always been doomed and always giperseksualny. In “ to the Fly “ The addressed scientist suddenly felt in itself a superhuman potentiality. In “ M.Batterfljaj “ the heroes who have realised the nature of feelings, snatched against each other directly in a prison van. In “ to Accident “ race is inseparable from an orgasm, and biology of the driver - from technology of wheels and cylinders.
sex and death pine, having embraced on the sitting splashed with blood. All this “ piercing of internal combustion “ illustrates banal enough true that culture mutiruet in any deformed piece of iron, having given to temptation and simulation, dead idols and powerless lust. And if in former film mythology the motive of road, highway and motorways contacted roud - muvi, obliging start up to aimless, but to progress, - in mythology present (here it is possible to remember and recent “ Forgotten highway “ David Lynch) any travel is only an occasion to a surrealistic excess.
Kronenberg is obviously familiar with achievements of colleagues. The protagonist (it Dzhej Ballard too call) at it James Spajder has not casually played, there is no time lighted in conceptual for “ a new sensuality “ “ Sex, lie and video “ Stephen Soderberga.
In a role of its tempter - the partner the Canadian Greek Elias Koteas who has already visited similar role in " has acted in film; to Exotic “ Atom of Egojana. The girlfriend of the hero is played by Holl Hunter, and the bohemian star of Rozanna Arkett carries artificial limbs and a leather invalid collar with a sight on sadomazohistskuju a uniform.
and all - taki Kronenberg was late. The history has come to an end earlier, than it was expected. And that else could be recently author`s selection of a posthistorical genre, looks today rehashes of already developed genre of a doomsday.
Ballard, however, remained is very happy with a screen version. In interview French Liberation he has declared that after Kronenberga Tarantino can remove only animated cartoons, and Jean - the Hatch Godard should confess for aimlessly ruined in “ Wick - ende “ an automobile requisite.
the fashionable writer has regretted only that its favourite scene in which heroes indulge svalnomu in a sin has dropped out of the scenario and in detail dream  destruction in Elizabeth Taylor`s accident. At such Kronenberg has not dared. And not because was ashamed to remove one more pornoepisode. That is why that Hollywood the grandee - the lady all - taki is live. Whether there is it of a prize for present “ art boldness “?