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Today to great football player Ferentsu Pushkashu 70 years

Football life of Pushkasha are executed divided into two periods. Hungarian - when it was the leader of the well-known national team of the fiftieth years, and Spanish - when he played not less well-known Real the beginnings of the sixtieth.

In the homeland of football by one of the best matches played at level of national teams, two games of Englishmen with the Hungarians, taken place in 1953 and till now consider 1954. It, actually, a recognition of merits of a star of the Hungarian command of Pushkasha as then the national team of Hungary has twice crushed Englishmen with the account 6:3 and 7:1. However the main game of the Hungarian period of Pushkash has lost - in the ending of the World championship of 1954 of modular Hungary Germans whom Hungarians have beaten at a preliminary stage with the indecent account 8:3 resisted. And by eighth minute of the ending Hungarians have moved 2:0, but then have passed three meek balls.
in two years the Hungarian stage of life of Pushkasha has ended. On its native land the Soviet armies have entered, and the major of Hungarian army Pushkash has emigrated to Spain. For it it has been disqualified for two years FIFA. Madrid Real has agreed to wait, while this term will not expire.
Vozvrashchenie Pushkasha in football has turned out triumphal though many had doubts in, whether he can play the same high level, as before disqualification. Including at the football player. I should dump 18 kg and to be more modest, as in ` Real ` I was the beginner, and there already played Alfredo`s recognised star di Stefano. Fortunately, I could make friends from Alfredo . Seldom happens, that two stars have got on in one command but if it occurs... real With Pushkashem and di Stefano has continued victorious procession across Europe - on May, 18th, 1960 in a cup-final of champions was poverzhen Stuttgart with the account 7:3. Four balls in that match Pushkash has hammered, in three - di Stefano. For Real it was the fifth victory successively in the Cup of champions. Bombardirov Real the friendship till now connects - di Stefano is invited to Budapest to celebrating 70 - letija by Pushkasha. And from Russia to celebrate the football player have gone Nikita Simonjan and Alexey Paramonov.
SPORTS DEPARTMENT the Businessman - Daily joins congratulations to the football player