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The reporting with flashers

the Reporting with a flasher over a head

Us removed on videocameras, as last time. When to us have distributed cellular telephones and pagers, we have gone down in a court yard of the publishing house and have started to accumulate adrenaline gradually. Cellular telephones did not stop. All guessed, has knocked somebody to GAI officers about the action or not... In some minutes cars with illegal flashing majachkami on roofs, mysteriously flickering dark blue fire, have left for iron gate. all on struggle with majachkovymi privileges! seven foreign cars and one darling Volga have acted in a crusade. An ultimate goal of our subtle provocation - the State Duma building, intermediate - GAI officers will stop or not.

When the column has left on Vrubel`s street and has stopped, taking courage, in school windows children have opposite crowded. Such fur-tree garland they yet did not see. Hardly we have got under way from a place, on a counter strip have slowly crept sine - white militian the Zhiguli . Pair of sidelong glances. It is more than anything.
at turn on Panfilov`s street the column was late. To a lobby volve the boy has run up, has put a head in a window and something has demanded. When we have moved further, the boy with disappointment has begun to jump in a roadside snowdrift and is poisonous has cried out: Though to the house would take, reptiles... what on it has found?
we have passed the first kilometre quite impressive. Some cars even passed us, and on sidewalks genuine interest to a blinking column of foreign cars reigned. Speed - below forty. But already on an entrance to the Leningrad highway in a column strangers have started to be rubbed on the sly.
we brake in the big pool at a traffic light. All should be by rules. We wait for green fire and continuously we blink dark blue. Dirty fences along road are covered by Shufutinsky`s old posters. All tram stop, having forgotten about coming nearer transport, has stared at us. Eyes of passengers it is poisonous flicker dark blue light.
after some minutes, trying to wring out mad trucks, we have come nearer to a tunnel at the Leningrad prospectus. At the entrance to it the column managed to be built at last in the same row. It seems that flashers caused the deaf protest on road. Honour was not. Only the lonely photographer saw off us in darkness the telephoto lens.
the first post of GAI has appeared at the very beginning of Leningradki, for dirty - yellow harvest ZILom, from - under which a cowl canvas feet stuck out. On cabin ZILa the dead flasher stuck out. We for the present worked. Two postovyh bewildered in eyes transferred about us on a portable radio set. Any attempt to stop a flickering column. Remembering illegality of our action, we felt the insurgents gloomy hastening on dismantling. Who such will stop?
where - that at the underground the Airport with us porovnjalsja a smoothfaced nape in opele . Judging by a sight which it has thrown us, something in our column did not inspire it trust. It has passed further, having left us at a red signal of a traffic light. On - former any attempts from the authorities to take us in a ring. After stadium the Dynamo the part from our cars has got rid of flashers and went nearby, having given to us is right to be guinea pigs.
one more traffic light. On green light have darted off and, having left behind herd of cars, for the first time felt a lonely proud column with flashers. To the right of us NTV rushed. The operator with a television camera has saddled the car through the hatch in a roof. Long hair fray on a wind. We see, how from his eyes whip tears. They whipped almost to the Most Tver. In this time we have left behind the patrolman ford GAI. Any reaction. The sensation of lonely pride has passed, have driven on Tver.
on Majakovke approached in slow narrowness, having mixed up with crowd of cars without flashers. One more post of GAI. The senior lieutenant in a cap on the tumours frowningly looks at us, wagging with a striped stick. The pose in a pointed manner easy, apparently, it does not know how to react on flickering dark blue a column. On - former nobody stops us.
at a Pushkin Square it is close and zagazovanno. Slowly we move forward, windows to windows with GAI patrol car. There inside - smiles and indulgent gold teeth. Absence of sound sirens, apparently, removes professional stress at patrol. All - taki it was necessary to operate more resolutely. And here, having stopped once again on a red signal of a traffic light, we feel pleasure inflow. Two postovyh fussy block Tver. Really for us? In some seconds we are covered by disappointment. By on a counter strip it is carried by deputy Volga and a jeep with protection. And after all flashers just the same, as at us. Well almost same.
movement renews, and we, lonely flickering the foolish dark blue lamps, we go further. The more close to the Duma, the there are more than posts. Anybody does not stop us. At the Moscow Council we have almost blocked a cloth, behind a malicious stopper and indifferent patrols. With last rests valjazhnosti we turn off to a building of the Duma and impudently we block numbers of deputy cars. The Duma public and gapers with big interests stare at our flashers.
in twenty minutes of painful expectation the editor of magazine the Autopilot dials by a cellular telephone number of the fourth department of GAI. Zdraste, - he speaks. - well, the patrol or how will approach? It would be desirable the penalty to pay for illegal use of flashers... Yes? And we something do not see your inspector . For a waiting time of reaction of the authorities there was only one incident. Any deputy has politely asked us to let out its car.
behind the trolley bus has approached to a column. porovnjavshis with closing huge GMC, the driver of a trolley bus has braked and has joyfully barked: Whom have brought, children? - itself - it is answered. With a laughter the driver quickly taxis in an avalanche of cars carried by nearby. There has arrived the inspector with colleagues. The crowd of journalists rushes to them. The editor the Autopilot has acted forward and has said for a long time the prepared phrase: we Wish to oppose flashers and to pay to you the penalty! major Yury Natjazhkin is bilious notices: Not to us, and the state .
While it puzzly understood with our protest action, it was possible to find out that in the fourth department of GAI someone from the Duma has called and has informed that the column of cars with flashers, whether delegation, whether that here has approached... Eventually major Natjazhkin has told that we arrive correctly. But on a question And why nobody has stopped us has answered that goodness knows, who there with flashers goes . It at communists all was accurate, and now will not disassemble anything. At us even official samples of certificates are not present. Neither FSB, nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs, anything - Natjazhkin has complained.
In some minutes of all drivers under an approving rumble of crowd of journalists have fined everyone (have made the report) for one minimum salary - 83 thousand roubles. The editor-in-chief the Autopilot have fined also that he to itself(himself) has signed travelling sheet. It has a little confused him, but as a whole the action has gone right.