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the Dutch replenishment Barcelonas
the Dutch replenishment Barcelonas

past Friday - it is literally some hours prior to the termination of the term which has been released on the conclusion of new contracts, - administration Spanish Barcelonas has managed to settle terms of transition of Frank and Ronald de the Drill from Dutch the Ajax . All operation on their transfer from Amsterdam to Catalonia has managed in $21 million

Bekhem is on sale in the complete set with Spice Girls
the Head coach Munich Bavaria Uli Hennes, last week told that would like to see in the command of the halfback Manchester junajted David Bekhema, has declared that this football player is too expensive for its club.
everyone who will want to buy Bekhema, should pay also for Spice Girls, - the trainer has declared. - in general, in England recently have so forced up the prices for football players that is better to deal with Italians or Spaniards. They, at least, see the matter is more realistic .

Feodor Konjuhov has contacted
To finish of the second stage of round-the-world sailing race Around Alone to the Russian sportsman Feodor Konjuhovu there were 1600 miles. In the New Zealand port Oakland where its yacht " heads; Modern humanitarian university shkipera with impatience the judiciary board which yet does not know waits why Grooms has not contacted during control time and it has not appeared in a control point of Indian ocean. Almost week of yacht changes did not contact - and it could mean that Grooms has fallen overboard, and the yacht goes on the autopilot.
after Feodor has gone on the air, was found out that with water has filled in both generators, and total absence of the electric power did not allow to turn on the computer and by e-mail to inform the co-ordinates. Three days ago weather has improved, solar batteries have charged accumulators, and Feodor has quickly directed the message to Moscow and in the American port the Charleston in which the organising committee " settles down; krugosvetki . To come to a control point to it hurricane, thus the strongest flaws has prevented and a current began to carry a boat to Antarctica.
After all adventures of Grooms gradually leaves on a former course and if will go with optimum speed, will reach coast of New Zealand on January, 29th - a day before control term.

the Bulgarian - one of the most expensive football players of Germany
German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has published the list of the most highly paid football players of Germany. The first place was divided at once by three players. He/she is Bulgarian Krasimir Balakov ( Stuttgart ), Shtefan Effenberg ( Bavaria ) and Mattias Zammer ( Borussia ) . Their annual salary makes on DM6,5 million ($3,88 million). Further go the halfback Dortmund Borussia Andreas Meller and the Brazilian forward Bavaria Giovanni Elber - on $3,7 million

Klinsmann will not lead the farewell match
Eks - the captain of German national team on football Jurgen Klinsmann which have finished the career after the World championship in France, has informed that the Federation of football of Germany (DFB) has refused to it carrying out of a farewell match. I very much expected to leave once again in the field and to say goodbye to fans, but, probably, in the homeland of it not so - that want - has declared Klinsmann recently living in the USA.
Under official version DFB, refusal to lead a farewell match of Klinsmanna is not connected in any way with its personal relations with a management of German football. Simply DFB has decided to spend this sort of games never henceforth. Lottar Matteus to whom an official seeing-off when it will finish career will be arranged becomes a unique exception.

Basketball players run from Chicago
One of the best experts of NBA on trehochkovym to throws Steve Kerr, last years supporting Chicago it is close to signing of the contract with the Dignity - Antonio . According to its agents in spite of the fact that Kerr yet did not allow even the oral consent to leave from Chicago the probability of its transition is very high. We are close to contract signing, - the representative of the basketball player Mark Bartlshtajt has declared. - There are some moments, which else it is necessary to discuss. If we will agree with owners ` the Dignity - Antonio ` Steve will sign with them the contract .
we Will remind that about the desire to leave Chicago also have declared Skotti Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Ljuk Longli, and Michael Jordan declared on January, 13th end of the sports career.

New revolutionary Benetton
On Saturday a command Formulas - 1 Benetton has presented the new race car B199. According to the boss of a command of Rokko Bennetona, it is possible to name this car revolutionary. I am assured that this year we can make not simply competition McLaren and Ferrari, but to surpass them, - has declared Benneton. - I know that will win the championship very difficultly, but with new car to us it quite on forces .
Work on a new race car has begun even before the termination of the championship of 1998. And recently went especially intensively. Working week of mechanics has been increased till 60 o`clock, and the command worked even for Christmas. According to the designer of a race car of Nika Virta, the results shown during tests and tests in aerodynamic pipe in which building Benetton has enclosed $20 million, it is possible to name excellent.

Awards on to a short wave
the International federation of swimming has made decision to pay to the sportsmen who have established a world record during the world championship on to short water which will pass in April in Hong Kong, the award in $15 thousand Till now in the world championships champions did not receive any awards. Three previous superiority of the world in 25 - metre pools have passed in the Palm tree - de - Malorke (1993), Rio - de - Zhanejro (1995) and the Geteborg (1997).

the Mayoralty takes Spartak under guardianship
Hockey club Spartak (Moscow) became the first club in capital, souchreditelem which the city administration is. As have informed in a press - service Spartaka the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov after meeting with a management of club and spartakovskimi veterans has instructed to prepare necessary documents according to which the capital mayoralty establishes Fund of support hockey Spartaka and henceforth will be souchreditelem club.
According to the president of Federation of hockey of Moscow and vitse - mayor Valery Shantseva, all present club structures remain, but now the capital government can really influence a financial situation in club. The last half a year it was far not shining - in particular, the debts under the salary of players have made the sum about $200 thousand in a rouble equivalent.
we will remind that the Moscow mayoralty has in the last two days opened nine arranged well ice skating rinks in a city. In the nearest plans - building of other arenas on which new hockey schools will be based.