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The astrological forecast

Tuesday, on January, 19th
  the Astrological forecast
Tuesday, on January, 19th

Today day not from the simple. People like are active, but this activity should be under rigid control. If you the person rational set for itself a problem: the main thing and the main thing, and anything except the main thing.
for a policy day directly - taki bad. Budget discussion will pass in disputed conditions. Is better not to accept it today, differently then it is necessary to reconsider some times.
as a whole day disputed. It is difficult to communicate with relatives, colleagues, the heads. Postpone visit to official bodies: bureaucrats are not located to listen to your problems.
unsuccessful time and for negotiations. But the remarkable period for those who wishes to tear with someone relations and tries to discover an opportunity. Today - your chance. Time to be released from unnecessary things and people.
there can be problems with health, become aggravated chronic diseases. So watch physical and intellectual loadings and put on on weather. Besides day travmoopasnyj - is more attentive on highways and at using household appliances.
at ARIESES very difficult day. There is a probability to make wrong sharp courses. Not time for changes, not time for disputes. Is better to be engaged in routine work.
at TAURUSES day can turn out quite good. Your successes depend on that, how much independently you will make decisions. Do not pay attention that associates advise. Be more conservative.
at TWINS the quite good period begins. There will be possibilities and forces to cope with the most difficult work. Besides, today you will manage to avoid another`s disputes - it and is correct.
to CANCERS this day hardly will seem to the pleasant. Most likely, you will dig in the past and will start to remember all the most bad. Try to take lessons from the last errors.
Lvov waits many cares. Nevertheless this day can be for you successful. The most important thing - not to allow surrounding to withdraw itself aside from questions interesting you. Avoid doubtful people.
it is a high time for MAIDENS to think of the most actual affairs. In many respects this day depends on your environment: if you meet pleasant people also day will pass well. And on the contrary. The most important thing - not to be got involved in disputes.
at SCALES ambiguous day. If you can convince yourselves of correctness of the conclusions and decisions, actions and acts all will be good. It is more than self-trust.
at SCORPIONS the active period in work and in private life begins. You can reach much the actions, but danger, on the other hand, is great and much to lose. At present it is important not to hasten with decision-making.
at SAGITTARIUSES enough quite good day. You are waited by the successful permission of financial problems. Probably, you will get money for earlier performed work.
at CAPRICORNS problem day. Ill-wishers today become more active. Which - who will try to encroach on your steady financial position. Remember that now not time for finding-out of relations. Think more of business.
to AQUARIUS this day will allow to feel self-trust and the forces. And it means that all at you will turn out. Time to undertake the most courageous plans. Be not afraid to look forward and to do forecasts for the future.
at FISHES not so successful day. There can be problems with health. It is better not to accept today decisions as your conclusions can be erroneous, and actions unreasonable. Not time for realisation of ambitious plans.

Wednesday, on January, 20th
Tomorrow the Sun passes as a sign of Aquarius. The next calendar month there will be many meetings and conversations. This time of new ideas and new people, updating time. Solar energy will increase to all signs on Air - to Aquarius, Twins and Scales.
for politicians day disputed. Any reasonable decisions will be hardly made. Most likely, statesmen will begin to tell about prospects of our country.
successful time for Luzhkov.
as to the president for it it is very difficult period. The next three its months wait not only problems with health.
tomorrow is good for businessmen, intermediaries, trading workers; successful time for students and pupils.
ARIESES should not go against the law.
to TAURUSES not time to think of business expansion.
TWINS can waste time on insignificant talks.
CANCERS have a probability of errors.
LIONS should wait a little with decision-making.
MAIDENS need to be engaged in minor problems.
at SCALES the period of doubts.
SCORPIONS can solve a challenge.
SAGITTARIUSES have a possibility to be engaged in perspective affairs.
CAPRICORNS are waited by test.
AQUARIUS should hope only for themselves.
it is better to FISHES to deal with the checked up partners.