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The Ministry of Defence should pay

to Parents of the soldiers who have lost in the Chechen Republic
  the Ministry of Defence should pay
to Parents of the soldiers who have lost in the Chechen Republic

the Prionezhsky regional court of Kareliya has passed the unprecedented decision on collecting from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of 100 thousand roubles in favour of parents of the soldier of internal troops, the victim in the Chechen Republic. To this hundreds families achieved payment of indemnification for  destruction of relatives, but all processes were won by military and militian officials.

the Inhabitant of the Karelian settlement Sheltozero Aleksandra Tolbonena have called in internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the end of 1995. In August, 1996 part command has persuaded him to go under the contract to the Chechen Republic. During the first fighting operation he has been killed.
Parents of the soldier have hard endured the happened. Before seldom addressing for medical aid the father of the victim Alexander Tolbonen and his mother Anna Shevchenko became constant patients of Sheltozersky hospital. After the transferred illnesses in January, 1998 Tolbonen - the senior became the invalid 2 - j groups.
as a result parents have decided that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia should compensate it moral harm, and have submitted the corresponding claim on 200 thousand roubles. It is necessary to notice that since 1995 at the initiative of fund “ the Right of mother “ to courts it has been submitted about 350 similar statements to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Defence. But them at all did not consider, referring that the ministries in this case are inadequate respondents, and to be responsible for the happened owe the military registration and enlistment offices calling children in army. For all time only two parents from the Chelyabinsk and Rostov areas managed to seize the small sums. And that not at federal bodies, and at military units in which their sons served.
Just now, in a case with Tolbonenom, precedent is created. It is necessary to tell that in the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been so assured of a victory that at all have not sent on process of the representative. Have begun to worry in the ministry only after Tolboneny have won half of demanded sum - on 50 thousand roubles on everyone. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has written at once the appeal which has been satisfied. Business have directed on new consideration.
this time it was considered by chairman of the court Michael Balitsky, and the ministry was represented by the major of justice Konstantin Lysov. He asserted that claims to the Ministry of Internal Affairs are shown unfairly as it is not the initiator of military operations in the Chechen Republic. However this argument has seemed to court unpersuasive, and it has again satisfied the claim for the same sum. “ I do not know a position of the Supreme court but as the person I can understand a grief of the people who have lost the unique son “ - has declared after decision removal Balitsky.