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To the Georgian thieves Employees of the Moscow management on struggle against the organised crime about
; #000000 >   to the Georgian thieves have not allowed to be developed in capital
Employees of the Moscow management on struggle against the organised crime have performed operation on detention Georgian thieves in the law . Behind a lattice there were three criminal leaders who as militiamen consider, made essential impact on operative conditions in region.

Repeatedly the offender the thief in the law Omari Sharikadze (the Lobster Tbilisi) took on Friday in the street Dmitry Ulyanov. Militiamen blocked its jeep Opel Monterrey also have found in a pocket at Sharikadze a portion of cocaine. Against the arrested person have filed criminal charges and have sent it in a pre-trial detention centre.
53 - the summer Lobster has last time visited behind a lattice in 1986 when together with podelnikom Zandi Tsulukidze have condemned him in Leningrad for armed assaults. SHarikadze its fellow countryman - 12 has received then 15 years, and. In 1992 when Georgia became the independent state, both etapirovali home, and there at once have amnestied. podelniki have returned to Moscow and have fallen back into the old ways. In capital Sharikadze than ten commercial structures began to supervise more. According to militia, he regularly participated in shootouts as the arbitration judge as has the big authority on the criminal environment.
its friend Tsulukidze has come into the hands again of militia in December of last year. As it was found out, both traded also in drug traffic, had the general suppliers. Through them detectives also left on the Georgian.
the following has gone for a lattice the thief in the law Azo Gogotishvili. He was detained in removed apartment in the street by Freedom. In Gogotishvili have found out heroin and grenade F - 1. Earlier it already served time - for swindle, drug traffic and plunder of public funds three times.
this very day in Mytischi employees capital and situated near Moscow RUBOPov have caught 41 - summer the thief in the law Alexander Shavdiju (Sasha Sukhumi). Some time ago repeatedly the offender the criminal leader has been arrested for storage and sale of drugs, but soon it have let out under a subscription about nevyezde. After that Shavdija has disappeared, and him have put on the wanted list. Detectives have calculated a site the thief in the law also took it at once after he has sold to the client the next portion of heroin.
according to field investigators, last months the Georgian criminal groupings and their leaders sharply stirred up the activity in capital. So, in October of last year in Moscow took three Georgian Thieves in the law - Lashu Beltadze, Avtandila Dzhulakidze and Zazu Mzhevadze (on their arrest informed on October, 14th). They were engaged in robberies, robberies and room thefts. Criminals have exposed in fulfilment of eight touches, however militiamen consider that them a track record much more long. One of these days Beltadze have brought official accusation in the gang organisation, and it podelnikam - with gangsterism.