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Pinocheta judge repeatedly

Yesterday judges of the British chamber of lords have begun reconsideration of the case former Chilean
  Pinocheta judge repeatedly
Yesterday judges of the British chamber of lords have begun reconsideration of the case of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinocheta. Similar in the British legal practice there were no 170 years. Lords should solve, whether the general possesses immunity, and whether it can be given out justice of Spain.

This time the destiny of Pinocheta is solved by seven lords. Four from them have already taken out the verdict in November: two - for two - against Pinocheta. Solving then there was a voice of the fifth - lord Hoffmanna who has supported the legend eks - the dictator to court. However in December the chamber of lords recognised the colleague biassed - Hoffmann has been connected with human rights organisation Amnesty International, the collective lawyer of victims of the Chilean junta. Yesterday to the former four were added three new judges.
trial will last at least till January, 26th. If lords recognise immunity of Pinocheta, it there and then will take off for Chile. Otherwise eks - the dictator is waited by some months of litigation in Great Britain.
for now the British Ministry of Internal Affairs has counted up that business of Pinocheta will manage to tax bearers in $48 million In this sum expenses on lawyers of the general (them at it nine), rent and protection of its residence, and also an expense of the British treasury for process enter.
the beginnings the day before of new trial in chamber of lords of Pinochet has complained that the British authorities compel it to die on foreign land. The former dictator has spent New Year`s and Christmas holidays to residences - prison Ventvort. To the general who is the jealous Catholic, have not allowed even to participate in a Christmas mass outside of an estate. The former dictator has spent Christmas in a circle of relatives: the wives, three daughters, the younger son and 20 grandsons and grand daughters.
during repeated hearings lords should work fairly. They will listen to the Spanish lawyers (including the judge of the Waiter - the main initiator of business of Pinocheta), representatives Amnesty International, lawyers of the Chilean government and, certainly, the general. After that the verdict will be taken out. This time - definitive.