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Tuaregi have returned the stolen cars

And rally Granada — Dakar has reached the scandalous end
  Tuaregi have returned the stolen cars
And rally Granada - Dakar has reached the scandalous end

On Sunday the most prestigious automarathon in the world - rally Granada - Dakar has come to the end for the present. For more than 50 - summer history of legendary spot-check on its lines there were many different incidents - both tragic, and simply funny. As regards funny things Dakar - 99 has eclipsed all previous.

absurdity Theatre - so numerous commentators already soon after start began to name on January, 1st rally. Excesses, proisshedshih for 17 days of an automarathon, would suffice on some similar competitions.
the torrential rains which have made sand of Sahara by the impassable Rather promoted them. Usually droughty desert has turned to wet sandy porridge in which all participants of rally have got stuck almost. Finish in capital of Senegal has reached all about third of cars.
the main scandal has occurred during the second stage laid by central and east parts of Mauritania. A caravan in broad daylight have attacked tuaregi is a tribe conducts the armed struggle for granting to it autonomies. 20 tuaregov, armed with Kalashnikov`s automatic machines, have grasped three trucks, some jeeps, and from cars which they have left to participants of rally, have merged fuel. Only at late night the autocaravan has reached intermediate finish.

Tuaregi (the self-name - imoshag) - the group people berberov in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Algeria and Libya. Number - about 1,2 million persons. Languages - tuaregskie (ghat, tamahak, taneslemt, etc.) . Moslems - sunnity.

Next day the police of Mauritania has gone to search for the stolen. To agree it it was possible marvellously quickly. With threats or belief the authorities operated, it is not known, but tuaregi have returned all cars and things.
thus, rally managed to be finished, and its results povergli public in amazement. The winner in a class of cars 50 - summer Frenchman Jean - Lui Shlesser herself did not understand, how it it baggi own design, equipped with Renault engine, it has appeared the first, moreover with a half-hour separation from the nearest competitor. there was something extraordinary, - he fairly admitted. - I am possible, simple in a way have faced ready smaller quantity of emergency situations, than my contenders . Evil tongues say that, most likely, the victory to the Frenchman was brought by miscalculations of organizers of rally. Though Shlessera always had a reputation of the class racer, it could not on the baggi Really to compete to specially prepared factory off-road cars!
Shlesser forward where - that in the middle of rally Has escaped. Before for the first time for all history of Dakar the woman - the former navigator Shlessera German Jutta Kljajnshmidt was in the lead. And if not outstanding even for superdifficult African spot-check of 16 punctures, hardly its former partner would manage to win rally.
competitions in a class of motorcycles have sensationally come to the end also. Frenchman Rishara Sena to number of the main applicants for a victory also did not carry, and nevertheless its BMW (this mark did not achieve for a long time loud victories) has come to finish the first, having outstripped such stars, as Teri Manjaldi and Hordi Arkarons.
The fact remains: legendary rally - spot-check loses prestige every year. Organizers Russian the Master - rally The unique competitor African, promise that the structure of participants of our marathon which will take place in the summer, will be more feasible, and safety during its carrying out will be provided more effectively.