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Smirnova accuse of corruption

that he has rescued the former hockey player from foot amputation
  Smirnova accuse of corruption
that it has rescued the former hockey player from foot amputation

Investigation on the case of corruption in the Olympic movement which has begun in the end of the last year, is possible, close to end. The special commission has revealed members of the International Olympic committee (IOC), bribes suspected of reception from organising committee of the Olympic Games of 2002 in Solt - Lejk - City. Among 13 persons from whom head the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch has demanded official explanations, and the president of the Olympic committee of Russia (OKR) Vitaly Smirnov.

One week ago Smirnov has received from Samaranch the missive of especially confidential character, that is intended only to it. However the head a press - services OKR Alexander Ratner has told to the correspondent about its maintenance.
in the letter Samaranch has demanded from Smirnova of explanations on two points. And in both cases it is a question of a unique trip of president OKR to Solt - Lejk - City in 1991, during the first application campaign which have ended with failure of capital of Utah (the right to hold the Olympic Games of 1998 then were won by Japanese Nagano).
In the first point it is told about treatment in one of clinics Solt - Lejk - City a certain Russian citizen . This fact basically can be considered as a bribe. Smirnov in the answer made immediately has explained that the Russian citizen is the well-known hockey player, triple Olympic champion Alexander Ragulin. When Smirnov has made the visit to Solt - Lejk - City, to it have shown local clinic as the experts confirmed, the front line on treatment of vascular diseases (in this hospital the first operation on change of artificial heart has been made). After returning to Moscow Smirnov has told about hospital visiting. Soon to it representatives of the Union of sportsmen of the USSR with the request have addressed to organise treatment of Ragulina in America. The well-known veteran suffered venous disease of feet, and our doctors offered a unique variant - amputation. Smirnov has called in application committee Solt - Lejk - City, American NOK. As a result of Ragulina have accepted in clinic.
as to the second point in it it is told about a gun of firm Browning which Smirnovu was presented by representatives of application committee Solt - Lejk - City. President OKR did not begin to deny that fact that to it really suggested to take in a gift expensive gun. However he has politely refused it. Further there was a mysterious history. In Atlanta, whence Smirnov should fly back to Moscow, the gun was found out in its luggage - most likely, it there have put without the knowledge of head OKR, the blessing on internal flight from Solt - Lejk - thing Cities were not examined. And again president OKR has refused a gift. However approximately in two years Americans... Have sent a gun to Moscow! And again Smirnov did not take it, and has sent in shooting DJUSSH Krasnodar. At the offered stage of an explanation of Smirnova, according to Ratnera, have satisfied Samaranch.
it is necessary to tell that the president the IOC has sent similar letters to 12 more officials (14 - j the suspect - the Cameroonian Ren Essomba - has died last year). Thus they can be divided on two groups. The IOC following the results of work of the commission which is headed by Canadian Richard Paund, rather serious accusations are brought to eight members, and it are threatened really with discharge from posts. Their names in general - that are kept a secret, but practically all of them are already known to a press. He/she is Ecuadorian Agustin Arrojo, Chilean Serhio Santander, Libyan Bashir Mohamed Attarabulsi, Dutch Anthon Geesink, Finn Piro Heggman, svazilendets David Sikhulumi Sibandze, and also Jean - Claude Ganga from Congo. To five more members the IOC - Smirnovu, Rempolju Rue from Mauritius, to Kenyan Charles Mukore, Lui Girandu N ` Djae from the Cat - d ` Ivuara and Laminu Kejte from Mali, are sent letters if so it is possible to tell, softer maintenance.
on January, 24th on executive committee the IOC in Lausanne will be heard the report of Paunda on its work done by the commission. Most likely, after it will be defined guilty of corruption. The IOC concerning what punishment it is necessary to apply a definitive verdict to them, it becomes known at emergency session of committee which will be called in Lausanne 17 - on March, 18th.
and whether here after it business about the Olympic corruption will be closed, it is not known. The matter is that all new and new facts of abusings of officials recently are opened. In particular, one of these days one of representatives of organising committee of the Olympic Games in Nagano has declared that organizers of the Japanese Olympic Games have provided free arrival to its capital to 62 members the IOC, having spent for it about $10 million Thus in accounting documents these expenses have been written off on telephone negotiations. The given fact, probably, too will demand investigation, and - Lejk - City Samaranch will not be limited to one Solt.