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In Harward there was no speculator

Foreign investments into Russia — today it is a fantasy, and unscientific. And
  In Harward there was no speculator
Foreign investments into Russia - today it is a fantasy, and unscientific. And nevertheless American - the Russian investment forum has passed in Harward practically with the notice. Investors Russia interests, however Yury Masljukov who was waited by participants of a forum, it and has not noticed.

the Distinctive feature of the third Harward investment forum became not only record quantity of participants - 500, but also their exclusive pragmatism. Concerning usefulness of a present investment climate in Russia anybody did not feed illusions. Among almost 250 American businessmen who have taken part in a forum, there was no portfelnogo the investor - the speculator which, as it is known, serve as the best indicator of investment appeal.
the Americans who have taken part in a forum, represented interests of potential strategic investors - such companies, as, for example, Mobil, RJR, GM. All large American companies, according to their representatives when - nibud necessarily will start to do investments into Russia simply because such is global strategy of these firms - to be present worldwide. Therefore at their forum two things - specific proposals of the separate Russian organisations and the answer to a question when it is possible to wait for warming of the general investment climate interested today first of all.
to offer Americans the effective investment project today it is uneasy. The large businessman, wished to remain not named, has declared to the correspondent that a popular belief that at the USA after crises in Jugo - East Asia and Latin America huge means to which the new markets, wrongly are necessary were liberated. In - the first, from - that means in practice were not liberated, and were gone, and, in - the second, money is favourable for putting today and in the USA where large bank deposits bring an order of 5 % annual, and investments into the industry - to 20 %. All, certainly, in dollars. And Russia only then will receive investments when will offer not smaller efficiency.
really similar projects, despite an impressive thickness advertising leaflets of the Russian regions and branches, it has appeared in Russia a little. For example, autovases has brought to Harward the project of the new off-road car which will come in the stead to the Field . The project, by factory calculations, will have rouble profitability of 18 % and will pay off in 6 years. But that Americans have dared to enclose dollars in this project, they should be convinced that the rouble will have a firm course in relation to dollar, and it Autovases it cannot guarantee. Money for the project of development of a mortgage in Moscow ($1 mlrd) for the sake of which to Harward has arrived twenty officials of the mayoralty, according to the first deputy of mayor Vladimir Resin, Moscow is ready to take under 7 - 8 % annual in currency, having given out all guarantees depending on it. However and the mayoralty of Moscow, obviously, cannot guarantee stability of economic policy of the federal government.
therefore participants of a forum very much waited for arrival of the first vitse - prime minister Yury Masljukova and a government economic team. However Masljukov, as a matter of fact, has ignored a forum. Negotiations from IMF, but as they have come to the end without results were an overall objective of its visit to the USA, Masljukov has considered the presence at an investment forum excessive. As, by the way, as well as the first deputy of the managing director of IMF Stenli Fisher. Meanwhile participants of a forum waited from them not for messages on destiny of the next credit. Economists of Harward hoped first of all to convince and Russia, and the West that debts and investments is one problem, instead of two. According to one of organizers of a forum of Stephen Law, Russia never will give to the West of $150 mlrd if will not manage to earn them. And never them will earn, if will not receive the western investments.