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The video market

Since this number a column Video began to be called the Video market . The matter is that henceforth intend to review not simply video hire novelties, and to qualify them on spectator demand.
has for this purpose selected three kinds of ratings. 1. A sale rating. In it it is considered, how many from 1 thousand the cartridges sold by studios of videorecording, it is necessary on this or that film. This data reflects demand more or less legible spectator who knows, what film is necessary to it and what for. As cartridges, as a rule, not for single viewing, and in a collection or for work are bought.
the sale Rating is based on the data of 25 studios in territory of Russia.

2. A video hire rating. In it the quantity of days in a month which the cartridge with that or other film is " is estimated; on hands (days - the minimum term of delivery of cartridges in hire points). A rating of rent more it is democratic than a sale rating as basically indexes demand absolutely different (both to tastes, and on a solvency, and on age) categories of spectators.
the video hire rating is based on the data of 25 salons in territory of Russia.

3. National Box Office the USA - a rating of commercial success of films at cinemas of America, based on calculation of cash gathering of a network of cinemas.
publishes it more likely for a reference point, as the domestic video market (as, however, and any another) lags behind the American film service on 3 - 4 months.

As demand for a video production changes slowly enough (representative term - 3 weeks), edition will publish each of three ratings with the same periodicity - on one in number. Besides, in the subsequent numbers - to the leader of each rating in this column the special information will be devoted a film. (In this number its place is occupied by heading presentation.)

a sale rating

First ten (position for October, 10th, 1991)

1. A cyborg - the murderer - 2: the Doomsday/ Terminator - 2: The Judgement Day (1991), director James Cameron (175 cartridges from 1 thousand are sold). 2. A predator - 2/ Predator - 2 (1990), Alan Silvestri (120 from 1 thousand). 3. A phantom/ The Ghost (1990), David Zucker (109 from 1 thousand) . 4. The beauty/ Pretty Woman (1990), Garry Marshall (80 from 1 thousand). 5. Noted by death/ Marked For a Death (1991), Dwight Little (73 from 1 thousand). 6. Edward Ruki - Scissors/ Edward Scissorhands (1990), Tim Burton (55 from 1 thousand). 7. The beginner/ Rookie (1991), Clint Eastwood (48 from 1 thousand). 8. Fates 5/ Rocky V (1991), John Avidson (40 from 1 thousand). 9. Expelling the Devil III/ Exorcist III (1991), William P. Blatty (37 from 1 thousand). 10. Marines/ Navy S. E. A. L. S. (1991), Lewis Teague (29 from 1 thousand).