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veb too was fond of gambling

After Kredobankom on which credit cards has informed in #39, this week, probably, cards American Express the Foreign trade and investment bank of the USSR will release.
Marking growth of interest of bank structures to release of credit cards, observers, nevertheless, predict considerable complexities with introduction of this kind of calculations in domestic practice.

Unlike Kredobanka - emitter Credo Card - the Foreign trade and investment bank is not the proprietor of cards which companies American Express will belong and to contain all its obligatory requisites.
though an order and conditions of release of cards are still specified, new rules, according to the chief of department of the organisation of calculations and instructing IN Sojuzvaljutraschet Dzhavanfara Entice, basically will correspond to practice of 1989 when veb has released an order 150 gold cards Ewrocard/ Mastercard.

transfer into special account veba 20 thousand dollars and 90 foreign currency roubles was the Indispensable condition of reception of card Ewrocard/ Mastercard. For current use of a card from the account of the owner 1 % from perfect operation (payment of purchase or reception of cash) was written off.

As has informed Dzhavanfar Entice, in plans Sojuzvaljutrascheta - release silver cards and cards basic the smaller sums assuming presence on the account of the client. Experts do not exclude, however, that the reception qualification gold cards it will be considerably raised.
Marking growing attention of domestic bank structures to release of credit cards, observers predict the accelerated introduction in the country of systems of this kind of calculations. However creation of uniform system, according to observers, can be complicated that, under the available information, the equipment which organisations already working in this direction have, on many technical parametres with each other is not joined.
ph. Sojuzvaljutrascheta in Moscow: 253 - 92 - 74.