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to Die of love

the Director has managed with prostitutes not on - muzhski From October, 14 till October, 21st (Switzerland) will pass the international festival of documentary films in Nione. The Soviet director Tofik Shahverdiev has been invited to it with a film about prostitutes to Die of love . One of heroines of a film has agreed to review it specially for.

Tofik Shahverdiev has received the first award the Dignity - Frantsissky festival for a film Stalin with us? its new work had a good press. On its presentation at the Central house of cinema there were heroines of a film.

the Correspondent has addressed to the main heroine to Die of love to Natasha.
Tofik Shahverdiev, has told Natasha, has arrived with them, objects of shooting, badly. Tofik, according to the girl, swore and swore, as if the film will be never shown on the Soviet television. only on cartridges, only on the West, - the cinematographer assured nature. Fears putan were quite clear: at them is both relatives, and acquaintances, and children. They were afraid, for example, that irresponsible schoolmates, having had heard plenty of adults, can offend kids, teasing their mums bad words.
but Tofik Shahverdiev has kindly given a film to television. Also it is impossible to tell that on imprudence. On the contrary, the director has just shown care. On one of presentations on a film and work the leaf with the English text has been given Natasha and its other colleagues for the signature. In turmoil, in the presence of visitors it is inconvenient to show mistrust, to demand the translator. It has appeared, girls have signed refusal of any claims in connection with film demonstration.
professionals in the world of selling love have led as naive girls in the pure art world. But the director, as they said, has arrived and is more professional, and valjutnee .
Natasha has told to the correspondent, what scandal has burst in a country town where there live its relatives, what humiliations should be worried her mothers after film display on TST. Has not passed a film and by attention of criminal elements. The currency prostitute have learnt, have tracked down and obokrali.
As Tofik Shahverdiev has persuaded prostitutes to be given to shootings almost free of charge, they have received from a film only losses. and itself has sold a film for currency, has made profit of another`s grief - Natasha has concluded.