Rus News Journal

The last week has been noted by quite pleasant tendency: vsjak the cricket has learnt beseeming its image and the status a perch. All has begun that Boris Yeltsin perfected the tennis skill in Sochi, and power structures of the White house improved art of a multirunning political intrigue.

on Wednesday, having accused Russian Sovmin of scandalous incompetence and unwillingness to work, the Minister of Economics of RSFSR Evgenie Saburov who is reputed of the person extremely of the efficient has retired. In the answer opponents of Saburova in the government and parliament have convicted it of intention to plunder Russia . Gennady Javlinsky has declared that Saburov did not break a blue cup and at all has carried away a strainer and here if members of parliament and other people do not leave attempt to put a policy above economy, this economy will lower so, as you will not lift.
the Former chief Saburova on sovminu Ivan Silaev - according to secret aspirations of the soul - welcomed the first and while a unique case of positive reaction of Boris Yeltsin on it silaevsky an appeal to suspend chaotic nationalisation of the allied industry. Unexpectedly Yeltsin has listened to council Silaeva and in expectation of heavy winter has solved slightly pogodit with atomic engineering nationalisation. Interesting, what exactly this reference of Silaeva has been regarded in the White house as treachery of the Russian interests also became an occasion to its resignation from a post of the Russian prime minister.
In end of this line of a plot president Yeltsin at last - that has returned to Moscow and at State Council session has agreed to signing by Russia paraphed in Alma - Ate of the agreement. Now the president needs to understand with those who from his name has understood with Aloetic and Javlinsky.
While Russia was engaged in all these dismantlings, Michael Gorbachev, temporarily having released from Russian question, has remembered other, historically not passing Jewish problem. Having addressed in connection with the tragedy fortieth anniversary in Woman`s Jare, the President of the USSR has sharply condemned household and bureaucratic anti-Semitism in the USSR, than has raised the political rating among an eternal national minority even remaining in the country.
in the meantime the representative of the national majority the mayor of St.-Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak has returned from Tashkent where he has concluded with the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov uzbeksko - the Petersburg trading agreement. The parties remained are happy the friend with the friend, and on Tuesday dressed in east dressing gown and a skullcap of Sobchak has assured Russians that does not find inevitable a victory of Islamic revolution in Central Asia.
also while it is not known, whether the green banner of the prophet over the city of Grozny will be lifted. But on Thursday of a wall of the Russian parliament have heard sharp performance of the vice-president of Russia, demanded to accept austerity measures to rebellious Chechen oppositionists. The last in a short space of time have successfully done in the opinion of Alexander Rutsky and Ruslana Hasbulatova a way from brave revolutionaries to small groups of gangsters . The Supreme body was close to accepting the resolution ordering to the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation to Valentine Stepankovu to take off for Grozny and to arrest the leader of opposition Dudaev . But eventually deputies were limited to an appeal to provide performance of laws also have taken into consideration the promise Rutsky to expel the chairman of Russian KGB Victor Ivanenko for passivity.
has not been left by cares of the authorities and Union KGB. On Friday the State Council of the USSR has decided to disband it as all-union structure. And that KGB theme has remained in a warm kind from Sunday (when with Lubjanki expelled demons) till Friday (to the State Council), in the middle of the week among employees of central office of a state security deduced for staff protsirkuliroval fantastic hearing about Vadim Bakatina`s suicide.
it is obvious, reforming of KGB and an ambiguity with its new structures have induced some Russian politicians to take up burden of protection of Russians from external threat . The Sakhalin governor Valentine Fedorov was obliged to head defence of Kuriles personally. And the speaker of the Russian Soviet of Nationalities Ramazan Abdulatipov found out traces the Georgian insurgents in all North Caucasian national conflicts.
against all it on October, 10th in Moscow the International congress of clowns has opened.