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Why have covered the Post card the meeting of labour collective of studio " on October, 9th has taken place; the Inform - TV on which it is accepted the Post card to the President of the USSR, presidents and the governments of the sovereign states . In the Letter presidents have informed that the studio becomes independent mass media. In two days this decision the main lawyer Gosteleradio named illegal.

on October, 6th in transfer the Award - an aether have been summed up monthly competition on the best program Time national team TSN - RosTV (#36 (86), #38 (88) became which winner. The opinion of a defeated party in transfer has been cut out. On October, 9th meeting of labour collective of studio the Inform - TV has accepted the Post card to the President of the USSR, presidents and the governments of the sovereign states which has been decided to read on October, 10th in the program Time .
the decision of meeting has not executed Rukovodstvo Gosteleradio.
studio Collective the Inform - TV TST the USSR including about 450 employees, carries out preparation and release of the basic information programs - Time TSN Morning the Planet the International panorama .

From the letter presidents of the sovereign states have learnt that according to the Law on the press and mass media of the USSR studio collective the Inform - TV Has decided to register itself as independent mass media. As the editor-in-chief of studio Olvar Kakuchaja, its collective " has told to the correspondent; has gone a legal way to struggle for the rights . According to Kakuchaja who has referred to the civil code, the order on the telecompetition announcement was illegal: competition conditions have not been stipulated, it has not been declared for three months and etc. However the chief contract - legal department Gosteleradio Victor Zharkov has explained to the correspondent that telecompetition has no relation to labour pravootnosheniju. And here the demand for registration in the Ministry of Press of RSFSR of studio the Inform - TV he named illegal owing to the Decree of the President of the USSR about creation of the All-Union state broadcasting company (VGTRK). By position of this decree all bodies, whose TV viewers includes the Union, instead of Russia, should be registered in VGTRK. On October, 10th the order of chairman VGTRK of Egor Jakovleva the editor-in-chief of Television agency of the information (CONCEAL) Oleg Dobrodeyev has been confirmed.
to the correspondent Dobrodeyev has told that in CONCEAL the uniform information stream in which purely information programs will co-exist with kommentatorskimi is created. While the new structure prepares, staff and an announcement grid CONCEAL. The director of studio the Inform - TV Boris Nepomnyaschy has told to the correspondent that the charter project CONCEAL it will be brought for discussion collective forthcoming week.