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To Moscow there came money. Promised to look still

As unexpected and unprecedented event experts estimate arrival to Moscow representatives of the largest institutional investors of the USA - the public and corporate pension funds which have taken part in conference under investments into the Russian economy 6 - on October, 9th. Acquaintance to postcommunist Russia was an overall objective of visitors. Conference results allow to hope for creation of special funds for investments into the Russian economy.

As the head of department who has taken part in conference of IMEMO AN has noted the USSR Rajr Simonjan, pension funds are the most conservative investors carefully minimising risks. However they in many respects do weather in stock market and their investment are always perceived as precedent. According to Simonjana, their visit already in itself specifies in a positive estimation leading world experts of prospects of economic and political stabilisation in Russia. As he said, for the first time to Moscow there has arrived the present money.
representatives of the largest funds of the USA, including public funds of New York, California and Pennsylvania participated In conference, whose actives are estimated accordingly in 60, 40 and 40 mlrd the dollars of Investors have persuaded to arrive one of the largest investment banks of the United States - Bear, Stearns and Co.
Inc., known in Russia that renders auditor services ON Autovases .
Some months of practical work in Russia have convinced bank of real possibility of investments into its economy.
Rajr Simonjan has underlined that, having exclusively qualified experts in actions, heads of pension funds and the largest banks at acceptance of investment decisions in very big degree rely on the personal impressions and intuition. From this point of view the favorable impression made on them by performances of Ivan Silaeva, Arcady Volsky, Evgenie Yasin, Alexander Jakovleva, Evgenie Saburova and other Russian representatives, and also the city of Moscow, in long-term prospect means very much and basically allows to count on creation specially for Russia one or several investment funds in the general size at least in hundred millions dollars. These funds can be made of those 1 - 1,5 % of the capital of pension funds which they intend for risky (by their criteria) investments.
investors show a particular interest to oil and gas and motor industry. They are constrained first of all by backwardness of stock market - in itself absence of actions simply physically does not allow institutional investors to put up money in the Russian firms. However this problem, according to Simonjana, will dare in the near future by means of similar Bear, Stearns and Co. Inc. Investment banks.