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Demrossija has broken up on popovtsev and bespopovtsev

on October, 10th in Krasnopresnensky regional council constituent conference of the Coalition of democratic forces of Moscow (KDSM) has taken place. Participants of conference have declared themselves as about constructive opposition to the mayor and a city government.

the Moscow organisations of five Russian parties have taken part In conference (Democratic, Republican, Sotsial - Democratic, Konstitutsionno - Democratic, National), the Moscow association Democratic Russia and also People`s Deputies of some regional councils of Moscow and the Moscow Council.
the Last intention of mayor Gabriel Popova to abolish especially excited in the near future all Moscow regional councils, but, however, specifically antipopovsky pathos has united not only the People`s Deputies offended by the mayor, but also all other participants of conference still yesterday closely rallied within the limits of movement Democratic Russia . In the declaration on creation KDSM they have expressed concern not democratic personnel and economic policy of the Moscow mayoralty, and also opinion that privatisation spent by it is made in interests of a narrow layer were partijno - the state nomenclature.
the chairman who has addressed to to conference of political commission SDPR Pavel Kudjukin has in detail proved social advantages democratic privatisation but has not explained, how she should be spent.
in essence taken place conference became one more step to definitive disintegration Demrossii in which more conservative pragmatical wing into which such politicians guided by Gabriel Popova, as the new appointed chief of the Moscow Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Arcady Murashev have entered, advisers Popova Vladimir Bokser and Michael Schneider, on the one hand, was allocated, and with another - covered socially - populist, presented first of all leaders of parties - participants of the last conference.
observers believe that as a result split in movement will allow Gabriel Popovu to carry out the intention on merge of a part supervised by it Demrossii from one of the new strictly centralised and disciplined parties created within the limits of Movement of democratic reforms.