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Actions Ekorambursa : probably, in them it is too much intelligence

joint-stock company Financially - investment corporation Ekoramburs next week everyone begins an open subscription to 10 thousand actions on 50 thousand roubles. In the advertising the corporation promises it is reliable to protect money of shareholders from inflation however does not inform, than she intends to support this promise.
According to experts an investment of money in the action Ekorambursa it is necessary to regard as brave investments.

the Corporation is registered by the Moscow Council on September, 13th, 1991 as joint-stock company of open type with the initial authorised capital of 200 million rub, the fifth part of the authorised capital is provided by intellectual property. It is founded by 12 legal and 4 physical persons. Authorised capital actions are promotional. As a result of issue of actions of joint-stock company intend to finish ustavnyj fund to 500 million rbl.

As it was found out in conversation with a member of the supervisory board of corporation Ekoramburs Vasily Grishaevym, now in Ekoramburs 12 companies are incorporated. Activity of the majority of them is directed on manufacture and sale (or introduction) an intellectual product, first of all patents and licences. Besides it, they are engaged in manufacture and sale of wood, herbs (including a root zhen - shenja), financial and insurance business. These directions of business have allowed founders of corporation to earn the initial capital.
according to Vasily Grishaeva, Ekoramburs from the end of last year invested in intellectual property about 60 million roubles and has already returned this money.
Investments become mainly in technological workings out almost ready to realisation which are finished scientifically - research laboratories of corporation with participation of authors on money Ekorambursa and then are patented by corporation and become its property. Commercial realisation of these workings out occurs in the form of sale of patents or licences.
experts notice that now Ekoramburs is a unique company in the Soviet market, turning such sums in patentno - licence business.
Vasily Grishaev also has informed that about 70 % (at cost) intellectual property sales it is necessary on the foreign markets. The maintenance of these patents a management Ekorambursa according to the standard practice does not disclose. As experts " mark; Corporation penetration on the western intellectual market became possible mainly thanks to that she is not sorry for currency on patent search abroad: about patent cleanliness in the West are in earnest very much. In Russia and other republics of the former Union Ekoramburs sells workings out konversiruemym to the enterprises.
under the information from this a source, the share issue should provide investments into working out and introduction (or sale) several scientifically - technological programs: high definition television, rehabilitation suffered from radiation, a gas food of internal combustion engines, the stand for diagnostics of aircraft engines (without removal from the plane) and reception of poison of public insects. The corporation does not intend to sell per customer more than 400 actions and prefers to extend them among product companies which become contractors in realisation of workings out belonging to corporation.
As to protection of money of shareholders against inflation, under preference shares (the tenth part of all issue) Ekoramburs promises 10 % annual. According to Vasily Grishaeva, he does not intend to promise bolshy percent from care . However, according to experts Ekoramburs basically cannot give an objective guarantee of high profitableness, and from the point of view of potential shareholders of the investment into actions Ekorambursa follows, on - visible, to consider risky enough.
an unconditional minus in this case is very low share of material and financial actives with which the involved capital is provided - as it is invested first of all in nizkolikvidnuju intellectual property. It is possible to carry the former successful enough activity which has allowed approximately for two years almost for no reason to generate named ustavnyj fund, perspectivity of intellectual business to pluses in whole and the concrete objects of intellectual property belonging Ekorambursu . One more plus, from the point of view, investors can appear that circumstance that 67 million roubles in ustavnyj fund is brought by four physical persons supervising corporation, and they posess shares in some founders of corporation. These circumstances, undoubtedly, raise responsibility degree at decision-making in Ekoramburse .
corporation Phone Ekoramburs : 212 - 51 - 86, 214 - 85 - 35