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Commission VS of Russia has begun investigation of activity of the Central bank

the commission of the Supreme body of RSFSR, created for investigation of activity of the Central bank of Russia Has started to work. Its first session has taken place on October, 10th.
the Commission should estimate Central Bank work for 1990 - 1991 from the point of view of observance of the bank legislation and to present the conclusions to current session VS.
In the activity the commission intends to use the information received from commercial banks, having claims to the Central Bank.

as have informed in commission VS, at the first stage of its work (till October, 22nd) is planned to collect documentary supported claims of commercial banks to the Central bank of RSFSR, and also materials about activity of the Central Bank which the journalists specialising on economy have. It is supposed to check up also balances of bank for all period of its existence.
during the subsequent one - two months the collected information will be checked, analyzed and generalised from the economic and legal points of view. In particular, it is planned to discuss the percentage policy of the Central Bank under credits, reservation of funds and their insurance, to define degree of guilt of bank in the rates which have increased lately credit - monetary issue (under available data, for September, 1st, 1991 the total sum of the given out Central Banks of the centralised credits has made an order 120 mlrd rbl.) .
Then the commission will consider problems of mutual relations of the Central Bank with commercial banks. It is supposed to understand with complaints of commercial banks - in particular, with their claims on premises were spetsbankov.
As in the field of the finance as a part of the commission it is not enough experts, the expert group consisting of representatives of commercial banks of all regions of republic will be involved in its work. The conclusions of the commission and its offer will be presented on current session VS.
Experts mark, however, that if the report of the chairman of the Central Bank George Matjuhina is presented on session VS before end of work of the commission, its activity can be blocked. According to experts, Matjuhin which has addressed last week in the Supreme body with the request to report about the activity also counts on it. On the other hand, experts do not exclude that the commission in which activity experts of commercial banks will take part, can become the body expressing exclusively their opinion. The relation of bankers to the Central Bank is sufficiently characterised, for example, by that last week the chief Menatepa Michael Khodorkovsky has brought an action against George Matjuhina (p. see).
With claims concerning activity of the Central Bank of Russia commercial banks can address in commission VS on the address: Moscow, Krasnopresnensky emb., d. 2.