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Opel in Moscow: break — I do not want

Service - the centre on service of cars of mark of Opel will open on October, 15th in Moscow. Its opening will allow association Autoimport to start realisation of the dealer agreement from General Motors (Europe) AG to which posess Opel firm, about distribution of cars of Opel to the USSR.

As general director VAO " has informed; Autoimport Nikolay Chumakov, the dealer agreement from General Motors (Europe) AG about distribution to the USSR of cars of Opel of three models - Omega (updatings - a sedan and versatile person Caravan), Combo and Vectra - was was is signed in December, 1990 However by an indispensable condition of its performance the foreign partner has put presence at Autoimport Own base for service of the sold motor vehicles to open which it is planned on October, 15th.
Chumakov has informed that Opel car repair shop in Strogino is created Soviet - finljandsko - the Austrian joint venture Inkompeks and Autoimport on an equal footing: the joint venture has given a building, and VAO - the equipment and the personnel trained in Germany. Co-owners will divide profit on operation of the centre fifty-fifty. In the long term in the same building the show room of cars of Opel will be opened, and also service of older models is adjusted. At the beginning the centre intends to serve only models Omega, Combo and Vectra. Spare parts to them will be on sale for currency, and repair work - to be paid in roubles.
according to the commercial director Autoimport Alexander Sokolova, Omega it will be possible to get approximately for 19 thousand dollars, Vectra and Combo - on 14 thousand dollars. The customs duties and taxes to import which the buyer can at desire pay in roubles are included in car cost. In this case, currency cost Omega, for example, will make about 16,5 thousand dollars. Sokolov has informed that Autoimport expects to realise on 300 - 400 cars in a year. The first party from 40 cars, according to Sokolov, is already delivered to Moscow.
phones Autoimport : 203 - 99 - 74, 202 - 62 - 75.

Autoimport - the joint-stock company of the closed type allocated in October, 1990 from IN Autoexport . The large state organisations occupied with autotransportations and service of cars became its shareholders. Ustavnyj fund - 4,5 million rbl.