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Entrance — departure

Without money absolutely anywhere Since October, 4th Hungary has entered financial restrictions on entrance to the country under private invitations. Observers consider that to its example other countries in the near future can follow, aspiring to limit flow of tourists without means of support from the Union.

at Late night on October, 4th 159 sleepy sovgrazhdan have been deduced by the Hungarian frontier guards from warm cars of the express train the Yew then immediate homecoming on which they had not time to begin to miss at all was necessary to them.
Transience of visit in Pannoniju speaks that the Hungarian authorities have suddenly entered new rules of entrance to the country for those who goes under the private invitation. Henceforth except the invitation it is necessary to have at itself currency from calculation of 1000 forints (or 15 dollars) at date of stay.
neither the Soviet embassy in Budapest, nor the allied Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not been beforehand warned about the preparing action. As have explained to the correspondent in consular department of embassy of Hungary in Moscow, suddenness of introduction of new rules has been provided by the Hungarian authorities on purpose to avoid negative consequences which took place in June after the declared in advance new customs rules in the USSR.
under data from this a source, Hungarians besides check of a currency cash will check reliability of the invitation, in case of transit to Austria - presence of the Austrian entry visa, to Yugoslavia - the currency cash demanded by already Yugoslavian authorities (200 dollars for a month of residing). All these measures extend only on the persons coming under the private invitation.
Observers notice that more rigid rules of entrance under the private invitation can be extended and in other countries which are afraid of flow Soviet bessrebrennikov as private invitations became a usual subject of purchase and sale in the USSR. So, Bavaria (Germany) in connection with opening of new lines of through service between Munich, Moscow and St.-Petersburg demands, that the driving had on hands the return ticket and currency from calculation of 25 marks at date of residing (and stay term is limited by 3 months). Under the informal information from embassy of Poland, within a year it is supposed to sign with republics the agreement on visa-free journey through Soviet - the Polish border, but already now the question on the similar measures accepted by Hungarians there is discussed. Under the information from embassy of Finland, since January, 1st, 1992 the entry visa in this country will cost 50 Finnish marks (12 dollars).
And the Hungarian experiment of all for a week has led to sharp reduction of number removed from trains sovgrazhdan: on October, 10th them was only 20.