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Leningrad “ Inaudit “ has separated from Moscow

At the Moscow joint-stock company “ Inaudit “ any more there will be no representation in Leningrad: on July, 12th here constituent documents auditorsko - consulting group " are signed; Inaudit “. Moscow “ Inauditu “ 20 % of its actions will belong.
According to founders Leningrad “ Inaudita “ it will allow to serve more operatively clients in the conditions of a free economic zone created in region

According to the general director of group “ Inaudit “ Alexander Kuznetsova, the Leningrad authorities plan to create auditor firms independent of Moscow which, in its opinion, undoubtedly, will get of advantage in the opinion of clients as will operate directly being applied to conditions of a free economic zone. It also became one of principal causes of branch Leningrad “ Inaudita “ from the Moscow.
as has informed Smiths, group “ Inaudit “ is the assignee of the Moscow joint-stock company “ Inaudit “ within the rights given by it to the Leningrad representation. Communication with Moscow “ Inauditom “ leningradtsy will keep only at level of mutual information interchange and nou - hau. Smiths considers that quotations on services most likely remain at former level (cost of check of average complexity and the volume, spent by employees of the Leningrad representation of joint-stock company “ Inaudit “ Made till now about 10 thousand rbl.) Or will decrease, as in a zone of free business it is supposed to cancel concept of superprofitability of the enterprises.
in the nearest plans of new firm - creation 6 more - 7 auditor firms on service of the enterprises in a zone of free business. According to Kuznetsova, auditor firm number more than 25 persons become uncontrollable and to capture all Leningrad market, at least 500 auditors today are required.
according to heads, Leningrad “ Inaudit “ it is founded as joint-stock company of the closed type. An authorised capital stock - 100 thousand rbl. Founders - Committee of foreign economic relations of Lengorispolkoma (20 % of actions), joint-stock company “ Inaudit “ (20 %), Kuibyshev district executive committee of Leningrad (10 %) and 5 physical persons (on 10 %).
Founders get the simple actions giving a vote at meeting of shareholders. The remained actions (exclusive, on 500 rbl.) Will be extended among employees of joint-stock company.
ΰσδθςξπρκξ address - consulting group “ Inaudit “: 191011, Leningrad, street Rakova, 33. Phone: 311 - 19 - 49. A fax: 310 - 53 - 33.