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Riddles of red mercury: billion dollars it is not known for what

Billion dollars expect to earn on red mercury of the joint venture Alkor and its partners.
Earlier this extremely expensive substance with mysterious scopes of application was taken out from the USSR kontrabandno (see #37 and 38). For legal manufacture and sale of red mercury of the joint venture Committee on mayoralty S external relations - Petersburg and firm Scientific Ventures Group (USA) have founded last week the closed joint-stock company.

As prospective scopes of application of red mercury Alkor names electronics and manufacture of semiconductors. Under other data, the substance is used, in particular, in electronic systems of prompting of rockets, and according to employees of department on struggle against contraband UKGB With. - Petersburg, red mercury can be applied to manufacture of explosives, coverings of the ship bottoms, and also for struggle against infectious and venereal diseases.

under data, Alkor and earlier sold to the western firms scientific workings out, was engaged in creation of new technologies, manufacture of laser technics and spectral equipment. The brain centre of the joint venture make, basically, graduates and post-graduate students fizfaka I LIE. Having earned the of first hundred thousand roubles on building of summer residences, they have enclosed them in acquisition of copyrights to inventions at the scientific organisations, have concluded a number of favourable contracts and have constructed factory for equipment manufacture.
it is possible to assume, thus, that in a case with red mercury Alkor has interested foreign firms as the independent enterprise with strong scientific potetsialom. Anyway, according to the chairman of the board of the joint venture Ivan Kuznetsova, their representatives repeatedly consulted about possibility of manufacture of red mercury. At present, confirms Smiths, they are ready to pay for kg of liquid substance 200 - 300 thousand dollars. In this connection about one and a half years ago Alkor has started to develop technology of its reception.
Having become successful, experts of the joint venture have studied offers of foreign firms and for realisation of the invention of joint-stock company with an authorised capital stock in 150 thousand roubles. Thus Alkoru 52 % of actions, to Committee on mayoralty external relations - 16 %, firm Scientitic Ventures Group - 32 % belong. According to Kuznetsova, from sale of red mercury of joint-stock company expects to have profit of an order of billion dollars.
partnership with the mayoralty Alkor according to the assistant to the general director of joint venture Ramaza Tedeeva, considers as a certain guarantee legal and legal protection of its invention. As there are bases to believe that mercury was confidentially made some years in the USSR, the situation when not the manufacturer known hitherto (it is possible, the closed department) will declare the rights to technology of reception of substance is not excluded. However, experts do not exclude that even if this anonymous author of openly will not show, the joint-stock company can have difficulties with reception of the licence for export of red mercury - in particular if it will appear that it really has strategic value.
joint venture ph. Alkor : 251 - 13 - 28. A fax: 113 - 09 - 60.

Soviet - the American joint venture Alkor tehnolodzhiz inkorporejted Ustavnyj fund - 200 thousand roubles is registered in 1990 (100 thousand roubles has brought scientifically - production co-operative Orion and an equal equivalent in HARD CURRENCY - firm North Shore Trate Enterprise Inc (the USA)). Profit for 10 months 1991
- 0,5 million dollars.
Firm Scientific Ventures Group (USA) specialises on financing of the venture companies, holding operations and consulting.