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ASKO became the largest insurance corporation

the Insurance companies entering into system ASKO - one of the largest not state insurance organisations of Russia, - have united in corporation of holding type. It became the main output of the congress which has come to the end on October, 8th of the representatives who have confirmed legal and financial aspects of association.
Management and coordination of activity of corporators are assigned to joint-stock company Joint-stock insurance company ASKO owning 51 % of actions of each firm.
According to observers, transition to holding structure will allow ASKO to strengthen considerably the positions in the insurance market.

According to representatives ASKO, absence of a uniform insurance policy and accurate financial control over activity of the firms entering into system ASKO, led to that the companies, aspiring to involve clients, quite often incurred risks for which could not answer. Transition to the centralised control system will allow to strengthen considerably control and by that to reduce financial losses. According to the chief of service ASKO on Pavel Fominyh`s public relations, it also should strengthen image of firm as the reliable and steady partner .
During congress the order of formation of the centralised funds - reserve, stabilisation and investment has been defined, - which purpose of creation is the increase in reliability of all system. So, the reserve fund will be used on payment of insurance compensation to the client in case its insurer will not have not enough for this purpose own means.
As the general director of joint-stock insurance company ASKO Grigory Fidelman has informed, within the limits of corporation the uniform information service will be created and the centralised training of shots is entered.
according to observers, association in corporation will allow system ASKO companies to strengthen the positions in the market of insurance services - possibility to insure larger risks and guarantee of performance of the taken obligations will involve new clients.
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joint-stock company of the closed type Joint-stock insurance company ASKO it is registered on September, 13th, 1991 in the Moscow registration chamber.
the size of the authorised capital - more than 10 million rbl. Founders of joint-stock company - 70 companies of system ASKO.