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ART MIF — 91

it is rich and it is well-known - as well as it has been told on October, 9th in the Moscow Arena the second international exhibition - fair ART MIF - 91, called has opened, on idea of organizers, cardinally to change the prices on domestic art - the market. Judging by number of the purchases made at fair to inflate the prices it was possible.

Opening of the second an art myth passed in full conformity with a prediction #40 - richly also it is well-known . Progressive torzhishche the chairman of organising committee Sergey Stankevich has opened, and the secular society was represented by invalid Ilya Zaslavsky, millionaire Dmitry Sterligov, collector Valery Dudakov, restorer Savely of Coachmen, foreign artist Oleg Tselkov. Among sponsors of programs of fair - Inkombank which have confirmed with the first purchases the desire to spend 10. 000. 000 roubles, two joint ventures - ekspokonsta and the Rivers - a time weights - media in person Stasnamintsentra, broadcasting companies the Kind and radio stations Europe plus . Doubtless udach organizers it is necessary to carry expansion of geography of galleries To number - participants and support of fair by the Moscow mayoralty that gives to the second to an art myth a respectability shade.
At scientific conference the Soviet and foreign experts marked strange bent for to monopolism and creation of universal structures which reproduce manners and ancient regime manners. That absolutely independent advisory council of fair is headed by Irina Efimovich combining in one person a post in VHPO by him concerns number of the entertaining facts. Vucheticha and a post of the main curator of the state gallery Today And also that about 350 rbl. to 70 rbl. to galleries declared increase in cost of rent of one metre of an exhibition area already after the conclusion of contracts. Till now fair does not have catalogue, for places in which is paid.
since the first fair demand on modern, including on Soviet, art in the western markets has fallen. Now even elite institutions like the First gallery actively search for local clients. The ceiling price - 31 thousand rbl. - at fair is declared the Moscow palette on diptih Nikolay Ovchinnikova Six (the picture is already sold). Character of a pure bluff carries the announcement gallery Mars the 225 thousand dollars prices for Sergey Sharova`s work.
Among new galleries those who managed to find the good experts focused on qualitative art and working with already known artists are allocated. Are that Ridzhina art (Owner Vladimir Ovcharenko), sculptural gallery the Status krosna (the curator Olga Kostin) and gallery Melikhov (the owner the Lion Melikhov), possessing almost museum collection - is even Vadim Sidura`s sculpture (25 thousand dollars). Thus on - to the present of large and world famous names to declare it was possible to nobody, as masters have strong and old contacts to the western galleries.