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Business to the Drill: the consequence left on the trainer on October, 11th in Los - Andzhelese has come to the end the first hearing of business of Soviet hockey player Pavel Bure the consequence on which proceeds in California almost two months. At this session the court has decided to understand personnel selection of club of CSKA and has invited the trainer of an army team responsible for such policy Valery Guschin in the USA. Process is postponed before Guschin`s arrival in America.

20 - summer Pavel Bure on the eve of a new season has refused to sign the three-year contract the club management led by the instructor of CSKA and a national team of the USSR Victor Tikhonov achieved that from CSKA. Pavel referred that the rights to it has the Canadian club of NHL Vancouver Kenaks for which he also was going to play from this year. Though Pavel underlined that remains Soviet and by all means wants to support a national team of the USSR, Tikhonov therefrom has excluded it, as has already received two reprimands (not clearly from whom) for defectors Sepulchral and Fedorova. Now and Tikhonov possibilities to play to Canada try not to give a management of CSKA to Pavel Bure, asserting that at that weight of obligations to CSKA.

Ubartas teases Lithuania a red vest on October, 7th executive committee of National Olympic committee of Lithuania (LNOK) has discussed disagreements between Federation of track and field athletics of Lithuania and known throwers of a disk Romasom Ubartasom and Vatseslavom Kidikasom. The federation accused athletes that at the international competitions they acted not in the form of the Lithuanian command, and of red vests of a national team of the USSR, that is protected honour of another`s state.

the champion of Europe and vitse - champion Seoul Olimpiady Ubartas listens to such charges any more the first year. After its performance on Good-will games - 90 in Seattle patriots have demanded its disqualification. Some other Lithuanians (for example, oarsmen), also acting on Games, have avoided such criticism, because were not such well-known.
the situation has repeated this year. Though again not noticed there were performances as a part of a national team of the USSR in the World championships of the Lithuanian cyclists, the handballer and the oarsman. Observers believe that persistent prosecution of Ubartasa speaks its position of very independent person, the professional and the husband of the Russian Muscovite.
Kidikas on executive committee session at all was not, and Ubartas has easy explained that in a national team of the USSR it was last year. And in it rose on pedestals in a jumpsuit of colours of national colours of Lithuania. He recognised only that colour of its vest was really reddish. And about a sickle with a hammer the thrower has declared that these instruments of labour have simply seemed to federated members: it does not carry for a long time such ornaments.

the goalkeeper catches currency on October, 11th has declared the beginning of the sports career thick football magazine the Goalkeeper . It has occurred at restaurant Delhi where the presentation of the new edition has taken place.

this original name has got to magazine after intense competitive struggle of the best sports journalists of capital. Competition paid Soviet - the American joint venture Intertrakt to which should pay now and magazine. Intertrakt specialises on a construction of roads, manufacture of mineral fertilizers, a tree felling, has interests in the chemical industry, and now also in football. It supplies edition by currency for which in Germany and Sweden the high-quality paper is bought, allowing to let out the colourful edition in good vratarskom style.
already there were two advertising numbers the Goalkeeper till the end of the year there are three more. Circulation 25 thousand, the price contractual yet does not exceed. The first release went on 5,90 rbl. for number though public distributors agree with buyers about 8 and even 10 roubles. Since new year when the regular exit will be adjusted, the price (no more than 10 roubles) and circulation (not less 100 and no more 350 thousand copies) will be established stable. To be printed the Goalkeeper will be in to Truth but publishers intend to look for other printing house with better level of the press. The editor-in-chief of the new edition Michael Govorkov, and abroad Perhaps, dreams. Vratarsky (To 70 roubles for typewritten page) the editorial board considers fees quite decent and hopes to involve with them the best sports journalists. And for western vneshtatnikov she is ready not to regret and currencies.