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Artem Tarasov has given tongue

the Disappeared Soviet millionaire Artem Tarasov who has sent in September the letter addressed to Boris Yeltsin, has forwarded on October, 5th to Russia one more news - already on a recorder film, - which, as well as the first letter, has been delivered by the unknown courier. Tarasov confirms authenticity of the previous message which have caused variety of doubts at its friends and colleagues. And also explains the reasons of the transition to secret position.

the Vice-president of the Union of incorporated co-operative societies of the USSR, the chairman of the External economic association the Source the People`s Deputy of RSFSR Artem Tarasov in March, 1991 has left on the West and till now has not returned. In September it has sent the letter addressed to Yeltsin in whom has combined from itself deputy powers. Tarasov hides the site (see #38 (88), 39 (89)).

the New letter of Tarasova, according to the author, has been recorded on September, 24th, copied on six 90 - minute cartridges which the same as and in a case with the recent letter, delivered the certain secret envoy which name does not reveal. Cartridges have been sent Boris Yeltsin, Vadim Bakatinu, Vladimir Tikhonov, Victor Jaroshenko, Ivan Silaevu and and. An island of the general director the Source to Leonid Tretjaku.
record occupies All 84 minutes and is mostly devoted offers of Artema on the organisation of transition of the country to the market. There is on the cartridge also a criticism to the former prime minister Pavlova and a short musical pause. Nevertheless about 15 minutes Tarasov has devoted also to the disappearance. He confirms authenticity of the first letter and explains the reasons of the absence.
According to Tarasova, in February - March he has understood that anybody in the country cannot protect it. for corrupt elements in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular, Unsociable persons personally, have already agreed with criminal elements, obeshchav to pay 12 thousand roubles for physical liquidation or the device of various provocations in my address . Tarasov asserts that has revealed communications of Birjukova with a Podolsk mafia.
Alexander Birjukov, the employee of management on struggle against the organised crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, asserted that in the Source the Chechen mafia is based, participated in its searches together with the Moscow militiamen. At a search in the Source have withdrawn from tens melkokalibernyh cartridges and the business documentation. More any crime have not found, in some months documents have returned (#6 (56), 7 (57)). Making comments on the recorder message of Tarasova, Unsociable persons has told to the correspondent that has no a film with record, but named charges in the address foolish . He very expensively appreciates itself(himself), - has told Unsociable persons. - and all its criminal gang remained here .

Tarasov also informs that then, in the spring it all has stated it by phone to the public prosecutor of Moscow, addressed many times in writing to Yeltsin, in Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to raise a parallel consequence upon law infringement, but has understood that anybody will not make it. Because Pugo were interested persons of Hooks, and the wave, of course, went from Gorbachev.
Gorbachev, seems to me, did not give direct orders, but wishing to be arranged under its condition, bodies so operated. I have considered impossible to remain in the USSR .
For these reasons, as appears from a tape recording, Tarasov has left to France where, as he said, has experienced difficulties in work with the western partners. Under the statement of Tarasova, partners at first considered as its criminal as were guided by an official press and TASS messages - have stopped all contracts, have frozen money which should translate for the export goods, I had to try to restore the person . Then Tarasov was ill and could not get on congress of the Russian deputies. leaving hospital, I have departed from work with ` the Source `. To Leonid Tretjaku, mine zamu in ` the Source `, the right to dispose of all property of association is transferred. I have moved to Switzerland, lay in sanatorium and hospital .
Tarasov on - former keeps the Present country of the stay a secret - does not want to burden friends with the superfluous information also is afraid phone call direction finding . When have learnt that I in Switzerland, in May of this year for me have been established shadowing. In it participated at least 12 - 13 employees from sovpredstavitelstva in Geneva. I hope that Hooks have removed the award from these employees that they have missed me .
In the letter Tarasov mentions and the question which has arisen in connection with its disappearance on 48 million dollars.
according to magazine Stern after departure of Tarasova from the USSR from accounts the Source in the French bank Pariba 48 million dollars have disappeared. Leonid Tretjak has confirmed to the correspondent that in the beginning of year on the account the Source in Pariba it was valid 48 million, but since then there is more than half of sum it has been spent under contracts for performance of the Russian governmental program the Crop - 90 and now speech can be conducted approximately about 26 remained millions. At the same time colleagues of Tarasova consider the information Stern a dirty invention also intend to wait the answer to the inquiry about an expenditure and the rest of money from the bank (see #38 (88)).

Nevertheless Tarasov does not inform the data which are seriously clearing up a situation.
As he said, the part of means has been received the Source for export deliveries of off-schedule raw materials (black oil which the association received from Rosnefteprodukta).
Redeemed black oil for credits of the Soviet banks, and these means have returned, have paid off with intermediaries and other. The rest - our net profit... Leaving from ` the Source `, I have received the share of profit, the salary and with this doleju have left to Switzerland .
It is necessary to notice that these words indirectly confirm already expressing version of experts that Tarasov personally supervised the account in Pariba And, as the head the Source basically could to paint to itself for the salary any sum from the French account.
about that, such actions are how much legal, to judge, naturally, difficultly.
it is obvious, however, that to the Source it is not known, the salary and the share of profit discounted by Tarasovym how many has made. It is remarkable, as in the letter Tarasov does not name these figures. He only informs that in the West has put up money abreast projects, by the end of the year expects to receive 60 - 70 percent of profit and again to put on use. And also as a whole not without the bases advises to spend money right and left in another`s pocket .
As to Leonid Tretjaka he while adheres to a neutral position.
In reply to a question of correspondent Tretjak has only repeated the same that already spoke concerning the previous letter. Namely: clear up a situation the answer from " can only; Pariba about the rest of means on the account.
about nine millions the dollars, which Artem in the previous letter has presented Russia and which as it has appeared, for a long time istracheny the Source on commercial activity, Tarasov more does not mention.