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The market of computers and software

Spetsy from KGB: your secrets - our care Graduates of the higher school of KGB (nowadays employees of firm Elias ) Sell program and programmno - hardware of struggle against larceny and distortion of the computer information.
Besides, Elias and its partners at the seminars educate all interested persons on some questions of information espionage. One of such seminars starts to work on October, 14th, following will take place in the beginning of November.

According to the general director Eliasa Vladimir Anashina, the firm was created by twenty graduates of the Higher school of KGB. The majority of them, under data, worked or work in the closed scientific research institute which is engaged in information enciphering. These people, in particular, are well familiar with breaking programs - anyway, Anashin has told that programs which it was impossible to crack to it it was not necessary to meet. Elias According to Anashina, can pick up optimum tactics of protection of the commercial information proceeding from individual requirements of the customer. Thus experts consider a parity of value of the information which at you can steal, and expenses for system of its protection.
the protection frames offered by firm, protect programs from copying and unapproved access, provide confidentiality of information interchange by e-mail. According to Anashina, the firm can guarantee that rigid programmno - the hardware protection put Eliasom will not bring within 50 years. Last working out of firm in this area - system of protection Cardinal - supposes in the computer of the person only at a presentation of an electronic key - payments in the size with match boxes which the owner of the computer should insert into a special socket.
seminars with firm participation Elias And its partners are devoted information protection in personal computers and networks. Expert experts explain to laymans as it is possible to intercept the information from the computer (Anashin has told that it can be made, for example, having connected to an electric cable) as the system of enciphering is cracked and that it is necessary to do in order to avoid errors.
phone Eliasa : 903 - 04 - 57. A fax: 903 - 02 - 66.

Elias - the limited liability company, is registered in October, 1988 the Income in 1990 - about 2 million roubles.