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At Edward Tenjakova the FORELOCK

recently released of - under arrest one of founders of the Moscow central stock exchange Edward Tenjakov has left post of the head MTSFB in connection with election as its president of the Chelyabinsk universal stock exchange (FORELOCK). Tenjakov motivated the moving to Chelyabinsk with that the enterprise climate in Moscow became recently unfavourable for exchange activity. On October, 11th headed Tenjakovym a stock exchange has received in republican Committee on an antimonopoly policy and new economic structures of the licence for carrying out of all kinds of operations.

to Edward Tenjakovu of 39 years. One of outstanding figures of alternative economy. Worked in Chelyabinsk on supervising posts. Headed all-Union association of commercial and co-operative banks of the USSR. Last year held a post of the director of joint-stock company Fininvest, chairman MTSFB and the Chelyabinsk universal stock exchange.

Under the official information, Edward Tenjakov is dismissed president MTSFB under the personal request - in connection with election as its president the FORELOCK.
it is known anyway that exchange council MTSFB has thanked Tenjakovu officially for creation MTSFB and active work in its formation also has given it the right to get one action of a stock exchange at a face-value.
however under the information which have arrived from informal sources, Tenjakov has been dismissed from supervising posts MTSFB and Fininvesta from - for conflicts to their management.
Tenjakov nevertheless develops the version that it has left the post of president MTSFB as intend to devote itself to the Chelyabinsk universal stock exchange completely. He explains the choice to that in connection with granting of the Moscow mayoralty of wide imperious powers, Moscow ceases to be a zone favorable for development of stock exchanges. He has underlined that at creation MTSFB made the offer to register it in Uralsk region.
however it has not been supported the Ministry of Finance of the USSR, the authorities of Chelyabinsk.