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DV - the Partner has got to a network and entices there all Far East

Since July, 8th of the enterprise of the Far East had an opportunity by means of the Khabarovsk firm DV - the Partner to use the regional computer network, including distribution of the business information and communication maintenance between subscribers.
According to heads of firm, the Far East network is a component of not state All-Union commercial computer network (VKKS) which is created now by group of regional computer centres.

According to the general director DV - the Partner Yury Tjurganova, for 105 rbl. through its firm of the enterprise of the Far East can place on to an electronic bulletin board a regional network the offer. Acquaintance with Bulletin board which will be weekly updated, there are 157 rbl.
the Parcel of the electronic message in region - 52 rbl.
Tjurganov has informed one addressee that these quotations are approximately identical to all regional networks VKKS. Services of an all-Union network are more expensive in ones and a half - two times, but a licence fee for using both regional, and all-Union e-mail will make 525 rbl. a year. Registration of requisites of the enterprise in a database costs 1050 rbl. year, and reception from it one inquiry - 53 rbl.
the Technical director of firm DV - the Partner Alexey Vaksman has informed that VKKS is created on the basis of the regional commercial computer centres located in Moscow, Riga, Liepae, Alma - Ate, Kharkov, Novosibirsk, Pskov, Nizhni Novgorod and Khabarovsk. Now they can communicate with each other by means of modem and a fax communication within one hour a day. In the long term communication should become round-the-clock.
experts notice that association of commercial computer networks in country scales will open qualitatively new possibilities for domestic business. However the similar project demands so scale capital investments that while it is difficult to predict, what is the time will leave on its practical realisation.
the firm address DV - the Partner : 680000, Khabarovsk, street Turgeneva, 69.
Ph.: 34 - 47 - 74. A telex: 141164 IMEX SU.

Scientifically - commercial vnedrencheskaja firm DV - the Partner it is registered by the Khabarovsk Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies as joint-stock company of the closed type. Ustavnyj fund - 460 thousand rbl. Founders - the Center scientifically - the technical information, co-operative society Sense (on 215 thousand rbl.) and two private person (on 15 thousand rbl.).
Authorized activity - representation services, working out of software products, creation of computer networks.