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The chronicle

the main witness of charge on October, 10th has refused the indications on the case of murder of the son of first vice-president VS of Ukraine Ivan Pljushcha.
Son Vadim worked as the translator in video co-operative society for 140 roubles a month. Often went abroad, was fond of women and their video shooting. On April, 10th, 1991 has been killed in the apartment by 94 blows by a rapier and an axe. The arrested person under the operative data the former worker of factory the Arsenal Alexander Ivanov has confessed in involuntary murder. He has explained that has fought with the son of the Ivy from - for money. The ivy fought a rapier, and the worker has killed its axe. Synoubijtsa has carried away with itself two cameras and the tape recorder. On September, 4th the Supreme court of Ukraine has sentenced Ivanov to execution for a murder from mercenary promptings. The court leant against indications of two witnesses which the worker ostensibly suggested to plunder a rich Ivy - younger. On October, 10th one of them, Victor Staduhin, has refused the indications given ostensibly under the pressure of inspectors. Lawyer Oleg Mihevich does not dare to name yet a sentence prejudiced though in influence of the father specifies that: 1. The worker held in KGB pre-trial detention centre; 2. The republican Office of Public Prosecutor was engaged in business not city, but; 3. The worker already in the first instance was judged by the Supreme Court.

on October, 6th the Srednevolzhsky Department of Internal Affairs has returned to the state of 8 bottles of vodka and 178 gramme of the diamonds stolen from a train Moscow - Tselinograd.
the robbery was made by machine operators of village Maklaush. On October, 4th the village celebrated a crop holiday. In 17. 00 local time at maklaushtsev the alcohol has come to an end, and they have gone on station. At station conductors pochtovo - luggage train N 910 Moscow - Tselinograd traded in vodka on 40 rbl. for a bottle. Peasants have suggested to reduce the price to 30 roubles, but security guards have refused. Revolted maklaushtsy have strongly beaten their sticks brought with self, hoses and pipes and have taken away all their vodka, sausage and a box with industrial diamonds for the 595 thousand roubles sum.
security guards have not rendered armed resistance because - under their indications - revolvers remained in other car. And on suspicion of militia - because too were drunk. It proves to be true that they have declared an attack only in 3 o`clock in the morning. On October, 6th the militia has arrested four robbers and has withdrawn diamonds and vodka. It was not possible to return sausage.

on October, 8th in the street the Butt in Moscow the Zhiguli under control of Elena Bonner have driven on 64 - summer pensioner Peter Mezina and have slightly wounded to it a head. From a fracture clinic of Institute of first aid by it. Sklifosofsky the wounded man has left.
the Senior investigator of Kalininsky branch of GAI Pavel Astapenko doubts that criminal case will be brought. According to GAI officers, Bonner not the criminal, and has simply hooked on the person for a string-bag and awfully was upset . From it did not take a subscription about nevyezde, and on October, 10th Bonner has departed on the West. According to the Moscow GAI - on negotiations about the help to the Soviet children.

in the evening on October, 8th in a dark Brigadirsky lane in Moscow 23 - the summer security guard Associations Kombi - M Grigory Kalachuk has caught prohozhuju the girl and has asked money. The girl resisted. Having received easy cuts a knife, it has given 60 roubles, earrings and rings. The girl has complained in 92 police station, and in half an hour of the robber have caught in Baumansky street. In opinion zamprokurora Nadezhdy Taran Baumansky area, the robber can avoid punishment if it is judicial - medical examination recognises as its insane person after five brain concussions transferred earlier.