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Ekzorsizm on Lubjanke

From KGB spirit!

the Certificate ekzorsizma (exiles of an evil ghost) was made on October, 6th about a building of KGB of the USSR by the managing director Inter-regional spiritual management of truly orthodox church the Archbishop Moscow and Kashirsky Lazar.

Katakombnaja or, as it name, truly orthodox the church (KTS) has arisen in 1927 in protest at a policy of the official church circles which have followed a way of conciliation with Bolsheviks . Since then traditionally was in a deep underground. Copes with the help of 20 bishops and Heads - the metropolitan, the surname and which site are kept a secret. One of organisations KTS, Inter-regional spiritual management of truly orthodox church it is registered the MU of RSFSR 21. 05. 91.
As has explained Vladyko Lazar to the correspondent, as a result of the carried out action present psychics have noted the valid improvement morally - a political climate (aura) in KGB, and expelling a devil on the contrary, have felt some deterioration of state of health. Not going, truth, in any comparison with deterioration of state of health after exile of evil ghosts from the Kremlin on September, 7th of this year
Making comments on sacrament, director Hristiansko - news agency Vladimir Ojvin was sceptical about results ekzorsizma. He has told that demons are ineradicable before full overthrow antihrista in geennu fiery and so is only their moving from place to place .
Ekzorsizm has appeared successful: on October, 11th by the decision of the State Council of KGB of the USSR has been abolished.