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Robbery in S - Petersburg

the Former assistant Sobchaka risked a head In the night from 5 for October, 6th unknown persons beat a hammer on a head of the former assistant to mayor Sobchaka Yury Shutova. The former assistant has survived.

Clowns Yury Titovich, 45 years. Till 1983 - the deputy chief Leningrad statupravlenija. In 1983 - 1988 has stayed 5 years for plunder of state property and official forgery. 1990 - the president of firm JUVM the deputy of the City Council.
by Autumn of 1990 it is appointed and ousted the assistant to mayor Sobchaka for a work inefficiency . The sponsor of the program 600 seconds .

at Night for October, 6th of Clowns has opened a door of the apartment in Lilac parkway, has stepped in darkness and has received some blows by a hammer on a head.
Attacking have not finished it, and have escaped. In hospital Military - medical academy Shutovu have made cranial trepanation, he has recovered consciousness and has demanded protection.
Vyborg RUVD has filed criminal charges on item 146 (armed assault).
In Petersburg offer two explanations to an attack. 1. Political. In the book As I was assistant Sobchaka which finishes Clowns, life not only Romanov`s confidants, but also some present democrats (the author while hides names) is exposed. Some deputies of Lensoveta consider that the attacking wanted to break the publication of the book of Shutova that it has not damaged to democrats. Deputies confirm it with that on the eve of beating at office JUVM in the book were interested the men presented by employees of Russian KGB. Deputies too themselves do not name, because personally Clowns it is not nice also they do not want to communicate . 2. The consequence tends to the criminal version: rich Shutova have simply plundered.
according to Valentina Kornilovoj`s public prosecutor, criminals have prepared the most valuable things for carrying out: for example, suitcases with fur coats of his wife - actresses. Clowns has frightened off thieves and for it has received a hammer on a head. The public prosecutor doubts attempt at murder because presently a hammer do not kill: to a thicket a knife.