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The Russian parliament

against monopolies Who was not in time - that was late. And who was in time - on October, 11th Soviet of Nationalities VS of RSFSR too was late has accepted the decision About streamlining of creation and activity of associations, concerns, corporations and other associations of the enterprises in territory of RSFSR . As this very day this document has met with approval and Republic Council, parliament it is possible to consider its definitive statement as purely procedural problem.
Though occurrence of this document is caused by continuation of opposition of the Russian and central authorities, in particular, Sovmina of Russia and Committee on an operational administration, its maintenance objectively should prevent preservation recoloured under concerns and associations of monopolistically departmental structures - both central, and Russian.

the Decision forbids state governing bodies of Russia to delegate the powers on management of state property to any regional, interbranch and interrepublican corporations, concerns and holdings. Already created in territory of RSFSR to similar associations of the enterprises (actually old ministries) it is forbidden to all to carry out the activity, to dispose of property of the enterprises entering into these associations, to appoint and dismiss heads.
to nothing iridescent dreams of the Russian and allied executive structures to create instead of the ministries of similarity of the American corporations that remains in the unique possible way of preservation of the centralised management in the conditions of market economy thereby are brought. Vivid example of such reorganisation of the ministries are monthly prescription of the decision of Committee on management of a national economy of interrepublican corporations by training and holdings in the automobile, oil and instrument-making industry.
by preparation of the decision the emphasis has been made on the most obvious weak spot of the idea of transformation of the ministries in corporations and holdings. Authors of this idea, resting on obvious zapadnost and rynochnost the structures created instead of the ministries, have forgotten, as the West from domination of firms - giants usually not in delight. The basic claims to them are put forward concerning obviously monopolistically character of such formations that in the civilised world is perceived very painfully. On this scarecrow - to monopolism - also has struck in this case the Russian parliament.
the Decision unambiguously characterises arising structures as monopolistically and reproaches the State Committee of RSFSR on an antimonopoly policy that it has not prevented their occurrence. Thus the decision connects similar behaviour of the State Committee that it is in introduction of Ministerial council of RSFSR, and, accordingly, an indirect route Sovmin accuses of a heavy sin potvorstvovanija monopolistically activity.
analyzing the decision, experts find rather remarkable that in struggle against not interested persons to surrender allied and Russian ministerial structures the Russian parliament has unexpectedly found for itself rather an advantage-ground. It has translated political rivalry in a channel of opposition of monopoly typical for market economy and a competition, having reserved a safe role of the defender of the free market. At similar statement of a question, according to observers, executive structures hardly will manage to find any arguments for protection of the positions.