Rus News Journal

WEATHER In Russia: 14 — on October, 20th

the Indian summer has left. On jugo - the east. It will be cloudy also which - where it is rainy. However, for those who understands, in it there is a charm as the temperature will be on 2 - 4 degrees above norm. Nobody remembers, what should be norm, but it is all the same pleasant.
especially compassionate citizens can sympathise with the western Siberians: to them the Arctic air will intrude, and here will begin - a fierce wind, rains and Who knows that else. Though, on the other hand, in Siberia the people not weak, we think - will cope.
Inhabitants of the Far East let will prepare for inconstancy of elements. Anything terrible will not occur, but it is better to leave the house at an umbrella and in boats (at whom have remained). In the beginning of week on Kamchatka and the south of the Magadan area strong, a gale.
In Moscow rains will begin since Tuesday - small as meteorologists are expressed. The temperature will be all the week long in general same: at the night +2, +7, day +8, +13. Yes, the special prevention avtomobilevladeltsam and to the pedestrians, loving to pass proezzhuju a part in not put place, on Monday, on October, 14th, in the morning and in the evening a fog. Do not frolic!
in St.-Petersburg though it and northern capital, is more warmish, than in Moscow. However, by a weekend temperature it will be almost imperceptible, but steadily to decrease: on Tuesday night +5, +10, day +8, +13. On week - end in Peter +3, +8, day +9, +14. Since Tuesday here rains - not strong too will go.
by a weekend inhabitants of Arkhangelsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Yakutsk definitively will understand that teplyn in the past: in the afternoon in these cities the temperature will not exceed zero of degrees.
and in Volgograd in the days off last time is sobbed both the glorious summer and autumn gold - the thermometer will rise to a mark +18. As a sign of farewell.